If you haven’t tried green dragon tincture, you might be missing out on several health benefits. Just one or two drops can help with inflammation and reducing pain, among other things. Below, we provide a DIY recipe for making a green dragon cannabis tincture that is simple yet effective. You’ll only need a few materials to be on your way to making your own potent, relaxing hemp oil.

This guide will show you the best method for making Green Dragon tincture at home.

What is cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tinctures are extracts made by soaking the stems and leaves of the herb in high-proof alcohol. The tincture process involves infusing the plant material into alcohol so that the compounds are dissolvable and infused into the liquid. This technique of creating tinctures has a medicinal history dating back to 1700 and remains very popular among medical marijuana users.

Managing pain with cannabis

Green Dragon tinctures are produced by cannabis which has numerous therapeutic advantages. THC and CBD cannabinoids have a variety of health advantages, and they may help with headaches and other chronic pain conditions. In addition, you can consume marijuana using many different methods, whether that be cannabis tincture under the tongue, edibles, smoking, vaping or dabs.

Many people that enjoy using marijuana for pain relief use liquid extract from the cannabis flower. It’s a growing trend among the North American cannabis consumer. While smoking marijuana has an immediate effect and edibles take over thirty minutes to kick in, tinctures are somewhere in the middle, yet with all of the intoxicating effects and medicinal benefits of both methods.

How Do Tinctures Work in the Body?

First, we’d like to explain how cannabis tinctures work. Tinctures are extracts created by boiling the plant material in high-proof alcohol. It acts as a solvent to remove the active substances from the plant. Then the grain alcohol dissolves and concentrates the cannabinoid compounds. The active ingredients extracted from cannabis tinctures also include potent terpenes from plant matter.

Once the process is complete in a few weeks, the tincture can typically be placed under the tongue with a dropper bottle for precise dosage. Unlike smoking cannabis, taking it sublingually allows for direct terpene absorption into the bloodstream. The green dragon tincture can also be used topically or as a low-calorie edible option.

THC, CBD, and their acidic counterparts (THCA, CBDA) all have different health benefits ranging from preventative care to chronic pain relief. THCA and CBDA are the preferred method of tincture for sprains, bruising, burns, and other skin conditions. Some have psychoactive effects, while others do not- there’s really a cannabis tincture for everyone.

Why Do People Like Green Dragon Tincture?

Many people prefer green dragon tinctures over other cannabis consumption methods due to several reasons. Making your own green dragon tincture is a simple and easy process. Consumption of the final product is straightforward and discreet.

Extracting cannabinoids into your own tincture can help with saving money and eliminate the risk of ingesting harmful additives. A homemade cannabis tincture is also highly customizable. You can assist in treating inflammation by adding turmeric and ginger, or you could add lavender to reduce anxiety and stress.

Why You Should Try Master Wu’s Method

This article aims to provide you with the best information on the alcohol-based cannabis tincture of the green dragon. It’s a great option instead of storebought tinctures that can be expensive and contain fillers, although it mostly stems down to personal preference.

Here, you can learn about the ingredients of a tincture, the recipe and preparation process, and the best ways of using and storing the finished product.

How To Make Green Dragon Tincture

You can look online and learn many different methods of producing green dragon cannabis tinctures. There are many suitable processes for making tinctures from the cannabis flower, and there are several different ways of using them, which are often shared among the cannabis community.

The long-soak green dragon tincture is one of the most popular ways of extracting cannabinoids. A similar cannabis tincture worth checking out is the Golden Dragon, also called QWET or freeze tincture.

Here’s what you will need for Master Wu’s Green Dragon cannabis tincture:


  • 1/8 high-quality cannabis strain
  • 2 oz high proof, pure grain alcohol (vodka, rum, bourbon)

Pro tip: Do NOT use isopropyl alcohol as it isn’t an effective solvent for tincture making.


  • mason jar
  • coffee filter
  • shallow metal pan (aluminum is fine)
  • hot water
  • 2 mL glass dropper

Step By Step Process

  1. Finely chop your cannabis using a knife and preferably a coffee grinder.
  2. Place the plant material into a shallow pan and bake at 325°F for five minutes. This helps to decarboxylate the cannabis flower for the extraction of THC cannabinoids.
  3. Remove the cannabis from the oven, place it in a glass jar, and mix with 2 oz of high-proof alcohol.
  4. Lower the jar into a water bath, simmering at 170 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes.
  5. Pull out the mason jar and allow the alcohol/cannabis mixture to cool.
  6.  Use a coffee filter to strain the mixture to remove the excess plant matter.
  7. Pour the green dragon tincture into a glass dropper bottle or jar.
  8. You will notice one ounce of alcohol evaporate and that you now have one ounce of green dragon tincture.
  9. This will yield about 32 doses per one ml dropper of dark brown and green cannabis tincture.
  10. Tinctures can be consumed under the tongue, topically, or by adding the liquid to a food recipe.

How much tincture will an ounce of cannabis make?

The ratio of pure grain alcohol to cannabis will greatly influence the potency of your green dragon tincture. During tincture making, a good reference point to use is around one ounce of alcohol per one gram of cannabis. One-eighth an ounce of weed, plus two ounces of alcohol will typically produce around 1 ml of green or golden dragon tincture, so one ounce will be about 30 ml of the liquid tincture.

The type of cannabis you choose will ultimately determine the strength of the tincture, depending on THC or CBD content. If you’re unhappy with your first mixture, adjust your second batch to fit your ideal experience.

How long should I let my tincture sit?

Once you have placed the decarboxylated cannabis flower in the mason jar and added enough alcohol, such as vodka or bourbon then you’ll seal the jar tightly. Make sure to place the high-proof alcohol and cannabis mixture in a cool, dark place to properly extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. Green dragon tincture will need to sit for about three weeks for the desired potency.

Pro tip: Shake the jar occasionally throughout the process for a more potent, effective THC or CBD content.

Storage Instructions

Conserve your green dragon cannabis tincture inside a clean mason jar or a similar, sealable glass jar. It’s best to use a clear glass container and store the tincture in a cool, dark place to preserve potency and quality. When properly stored, most mixtures can last six to eight months.

Can I Replace the Alcohol?

Although alcohol-based is the most effective way to make tinctures, there are other methods.


Vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid that’s usually sourced from coconut oil, soy, and palm oil. Glycerin embodies the chemical backbone of plant-sourced fats called triglycerides. Vegetable glycerin is formed by extracting and breaking down the triglycerides from plants.

Glycerin-based tinctures can be made without alcohol, by soaking the cannabis in the odorless vegetable glycerin. This process can produce a sweet-tasting herbal oil. However, it will have a shorter shelf life than an alcohol-based tincture and it won’t be as strong due to the fact that glycerin can’t hold as many phytocannabinoids as alcohol.


MCT oils are made of saturated fatty acids derivative of coconut and palm oils. Medium-chained triglycerides have a higher metabolism rate than other fatty acids, they’re fat-soluble, and they absorb quickly into the bloodstream.

These cannabis tinctures are typically crafted into cannabis concentrate first, then dissolved in the MCT oil. This oil is effective when dosing due to the even way it absorbs the cannabinoids and terpenes. It usually doesn’t have much of a taste so it compliments the cannabis. However, be aware of where you purchase this oil from due to the dangers of sourcing from an unknown business.


All cannabis users are different, depending on prior use, tolerance, food intake, and many other health factors. It takes most people between thirty and sixty minutes to begin feeling the effects of green dragon cannabis tincture.

One dropper under the tongue should be sufficient for your first dose, maybe even half if you have a low tolerance or a higher THC level cannabis. From there, you can increase the dose when comfortable doing so. The effects of alcohol-based cannabis tincture should last anywhere between 3-7 hours depending on the individual.

Top Strains for Green Dragon Cannabis Tincture

A few different strains share certain qualities that make them perfect for mixing with alcohol to make herb oil. A cannabis flower that brings on a sense of well-being and pain reduction is ideal. Depending on user preference, you’ll want to pay attention to the THC and CBD content percentages as well.

Here are a few of our favorite strains for making alcohol-based tinctures.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue #4 is strong, hybrid marijuana that is an excellent choice for lounging on the couch. Known for its euphoric head high and relaxing qualities, this one will be sure to deliver a great night’s sleep.

This cannabis plant has chunky, earthy smelling buds that are covered in resin, making it ideal for making homemade tinctures. It has a sour flavor profile due to one of its parent strains being Sour Dubb.

It has a THC percentage of around 19 percent, meaning it’s potent enough to produce an intense high. It’s great for use any time of the day due to its stress-relieving, yet energizing properties. It’s been known to make users feel happy, euphoric, pain-free, and overall relaxed.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a classic fan-favorite among the mainstream marijuana community. It has a unique aroma, combining cheese and berries for a dominant, yet amazing profile. Its truly rich, yet subtle blend produces a distinctive taste that transfers well in tinctures.

It has a strong sedative effect, making it the perfect choice for nighttime usage and relieving sleeplessness. Blue Cheese is an Indica strain that has a THC percentage of over twenty percent, which means it will ensure a stronger tincture product. Well-known for its increased resin production, this type of marijuana is specifically tasty in oil form.

Purple Punch

This well-liked Indica plant is a cross between the infamous Granddaddy Purp and Larry OG. The trichome-caked purple buds put off vivid aromas of berries and cream. Due to its higher concentration of trichomes, this strain is excellent for extraction and making tinctures.

This cannabis plant is super strong and provides users both an intense head and body high, starting at the head and working its way down to completely relax the body. Purple Punch is a sweet, delicious marijuana plant that is best used to unwind at night around bedtime. It’s best known for relieving uncomfortable symptoms such as body aches, nausea, and insomnia.

Platinum OG

Platinum OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is best known for being one of the heaviest hitting strains on the market. It’s an astonishing combination of two legendary plants: Master Kush and OG Kush.

This particular cannabis flower is easy to spot due to its orange hairs and platinum hue on top of seriously green, gorgeous buds. It truly looks as if it’s glowing because of the coating of THC crystals. . It initially provides a euphoric head high, followed by a complete state of body relaxation. This strain is perfect for chronic pain relief and sleeplessness at night. This type of marijuana possesses natural healing and therapeutic qualities.

Remo Chemo

Remo Chemo is high-quality hybrid cannabis that comes out of Canada. This cannabis strain mixes an intense Kush flavor with fuel and an earthy aroma for a complex, unique flavor profile. While it already has an intense taste, it becomes even more so once extracted into the oil.

Favored in the cannabis community due to its high THC percentage, Remo Chemo also offers one of the most unique Kush strains out there. It’s well known for providing relief for cancer patients and those experiencing chemotherapy side effects. Remo Chemo can help curb nausea and appetite loss as well as provide pain management.

Tincture Recipes You Will Love

You can easily find a cannabis recipe online. It’s especially ideal to use when it’s in liquid form. The most popular cannabis tincture recipes are:

Can Green Dragon Tincture be used as an ingredient in Weed Brownies?

Yes, Green Dragon Tincture can be used as an ingredient in making weed brownies recipe. The tincture, made by soaking cannabis in high-proof alcohol, can be added to the brownie batter to create a potent and flavorful treat. Just be cautious with the dosage for desired effects.

Where to Buy Cannabis Tincture

There are many ways to get your hands on alcohol-based tinctures if you aren’t comfortable making your own. We suggest reaching out to one of these options:

  • Online Head Shop
  • Dispensary – Online or In-Person
  • Local Head Shop or CBD Store
  • Select Pharmacies
  • Medical Marijuana Doctor
  • Or, Try Making Your Own At Home

Wrapping It Up

Making alcohol-based tincture at home with Master Wu’s Green Dragon recipe is an easy, effective way to enjoy your favorite cannabis strains. Just follow our guide and you’ll have your very own glass container of cannabis oil in less than a month.

Remember to gather all the materials and ingredients before you begin, follow Master Wu’s recipe safely and efficiently, and your extract will be potent and ready to use daily.

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