An expert guide to cannabis oil tinctures.

There are infinite methods, but not necessarily one right way to consume cannabis products, including smoking, vaping, dabbing, tinctures, and taking edibles. However, some are easier to use than others.

Is Tincture For You?

Whether you recently got your medical marijuana card or are a novice recreational user, tinctures are an excellent place to begin your journey with cannabis. We’ll explore all the cannabis tincture details you’ll need as well as ingredients, benefits, and storage recommendations such as a mason jar, glass bottles or a specifically-designed tincture bottle.

What’s a THC Tincture and How Does it Work?

THC tincture is a trending cannabis product made using a cannabis plant and food-grade alcohol. Tinctures are increasingly popular with marijuana users because they’re a smokeless method of consumption, are easy to prepare at home, and have a long shelf life. Alcohol based cannabis tinctures are typically consumed by applying a few drops under the tongue.

THC Tincture Consumption

In addition, the regular use of THC tinctures in food recipes proves just how versatile and easy on the digestive tract a tincture truly is. Ice creams and gravy can benefit from adding diluted cannabis tinctures to them. While CBD or THC tincture is considered an edible form of cannabis flower, they create a more desired effect than other edible products such as brownies and gummies.

How to Dose and Consume Cannabis Tinctures

Your cannabis tincture should be produced and measured with consistency. When two batches of the same cannabis strain are created, one could turn out to be a less potent tincture if you aren’t using exact measurements. You’ll want to find a solid recipe and track the amount of alcohol you use in that recipe. Once you make your tincture the first time, the dosage can easily be compared or measured for the next batch.

Tincture Dosage

Start at a low dose (1 ml ) of your finished product, then consume the tincture sublingually. If you’re unsatisfied with the desired effects after the first use, you can exponentially increase the dose. You can also boost your dosage slowly over a few weeks to reduce discomfort and ensure safe cannabis consumption.

How Can I Make a Cannabis Tincture?

You’ll find many alcohol-based tincture recipes online with different methods for making cannabis oils. While no one correct technique is used to make a tincture, the results can turn out quite differently for each recipe.

We’ve included a shortlist of supplies you’ll want to grab before making a cannabis tincture:
  • One glass Mason jar
  • One glass tincture bottle
  • One coffee filter
  • An eighth of your favorite cannabis strain
  • Several ounces of high-proof, grain alcohol (some recipes vary on how much alcohol to use)

Helpful Tips

You’ll want to use high proof alcohol rather than lower-proof, such as isopropyl alcohol because it’s a better solvent for extracting the cannabinoids from the other plant matter.

The process of making a tincture can take some time. You’ll want to have a cool dark place to store your CBD and THC products while the cannabis tincture is being crafted and after you have the final product.

Here is one of our favorite Green Dragon recipes for making cannabis tinctures:
Master Wu’s Green Dragon Tincture Recipe

Reasons to Try CBD Tinctures

Tinctures have many advantages over other ways to consume cannabis. Even if you aren’t looking for the intoxicating effects of a THC dose, a few drops of CBD products can provide many of the same medicinal benefits without the high.

CBD Tinctures vs. THC Tinctures

CBD oils are derived from hemp, while THC comes from marijuana cannabis flowers. CBD and THC cannabinoids are present in both the hemp flower and marijuana plant matter, but hemp tends to have more CBD and a less potent level of THC. This results in more minor psychoactive effects and more therapeutic, medicinal benefits.

Take a look at some of the benefits of using a CBD tincture:
  • chronic pain relief- reduce inflammation
  • helps relieve cancer-related symptoms- nausea, loss of appetite
  • can alleviate mental disorder symptoms- anxiety and depression
  • promote healthier sleep patterns- may eliminate insomnia

Are Tinctures More Potent Than Edibles?

Everyone has their thoughts on the potency of edibles. This makes sense due to the differences in how people experience their effects. No matter how many times you have taken edibles, it’s still difficult to predict your body’s reaction, It’s essential to have a precise dose and stick to what you know, raising the amount as you get more comfortable, but they aren’t always easy to measure out. It can take much longer to experience the effects as the cannabis will have to be digested. The average time it takes for the THC to hit our bloodstream from an edible range from 30 minutes to an hour. It’s a marathon, not a race with this method.

Do cannabis tinctures produce a fast onset high when compared to edibles?

When ingested on an empty stomach, research shows that tinctures absorb 18 percent more THC than edibles. This study proves that cannabis tinctures can offer a faster, more effective high.

Another benefit of a few tincture drops is that they contain very few calories. This is excellent news for a cannabis user looking to benefit from cannabis products without the added calorie content of eating an edible cannabis flower.

Why Are Most Cannabis Tinctures Made From MCT Oil?

Various reasons are cited to explain the use of MCT or medium-chain triglyceride oils as the most common form of carrier oil in tinctures. This particular oil is relatively inexpensive and almost tasteless, and colorless. It’s easy on the digestive system, works well with high-proof alcohol, and has a high vapor value. This means that a higher amount of heat can be applied to extract the cannabinoids without burning the oils or altering the flavor of the plant material.

Getting Started

Using a few supplies, such as food-grade alcohol, cannabis, and a coffee filter, you’re well on your way to the perfect cannabis tincture. If you live in a legal state, ask your local cannabis dispensary to advise on their favorite strain and recipes for making a cannabis tincture using alcohol and MCT oil.

Can You Make Cannabis Tinctures Without Alcohol?

Is it possible to make a tincture without alcohol? The answer is yes, but with conditions. Alcohol is the preferred solvent when making cannabis tinctures, but glycerin can be used in its place if necessary. Remember, you’ll need a cool dark location to store the tincture, no matter which solvent is used to extract the cannabinoids.

Alcohol VS. Glycerin

When you’re making a homemade cannabis tincture, high-proof grain alcohol is the way to go. Remember, isopropyl alcohol does not have a high enough proof to make tinctures. But, if you’re looking for an alcohol-free, plant-based oil, glycerin can be used in its stead. It’s important to note that glycerin is not as effective as a bonding agent to cannabinoids so that it will result in the production of a less potent final product.

Tincture Recipes You’re Sure to Love

Once you have your preferred tincture, precise dosing of cannabis extract can be used in many recipes. Creating home-cooked foods with a DIY infusion of a more potent tincture is often the way to go for many passionate stoners. Almost everyone can now find a cannabis concentration to add to their stash. Tinctures are helpful to have handy on nights you want to get high, without the adverse effects of smoking. No matter if you’re utilizing the green dragon tincture, a hemp-based butter, or CBD oil, there’s a tincture recipe for everyone.

Look through a few of the best recipes below:

Can Cannabis Tincture be Consumed in a Cannabis Lounge?

Yes, cannabis tincture can be consumed in cannabis lounges explained now, as long as the establishment allows it. Many cannabis lounges offer a variety of consumption methods, including tinctures, to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their customers.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis Oils?

It’s worth giving the CBD or the tincture a chance if you’re looking for a new cannabis experience. So, where can you find cannabis tinctures? You’ll want to make sure you are using a well-known tincture recipe, such as the Green Dragon, or make sure to purchase a store-bought product tincture bottle from a respected, trusted website or dispensary.

Locate a Trusted Source

In legal states, there are usually dispensaries that offer a vast inventory of cannabis flowers, cannabis tinctures with CBD or THC, and pre-made alcohol-based tinctures. Hop online and visit a trusted site or drive to your local dispensary for more information about tinctures.

Final Hit: Cannabis Tincture

With precise dosing, cannabis tincture can help patients receive the health benefits of marijuana without the burning sensation of smoking. Alcohol-based tinctures offer a more effortless, low-profile way to benefit from cannabis use without smoking. If you’re looking to DIY, it only takes a few ingredients to make cannabis tinctures and a final product you can be proud of. Bear in mind; you’ll want to exercise caution when making cannabis tinctures at home since the high-proof alcohol content is highly flammable.

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