If you like the thought of trying THC concentrates to improve health conditions but don’t want to smoke weed, or if you want to try new products on the market, THC syrups may be your new favorite way to use cannabis.

Cannabis Syrup 101

THC syrup is a cannabis syrup made by mixing cannabis concentrates with sugar, coconut oil, or vegetable glycerine. Changing the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol into liquid form is known to produce better effects than regular edibles, making it a commonly sought-after product in the cannabis industry.

Health Benefits and Uses

Consumption of THC syrup can provide the same benefits as using other marijuana edibles or smoking cannabis. THC syrup is an excellent method for using cannabis withing having to smoke cannabis flower.

THC cough syrups are a fast-acting edible compared to cannabis-infused foods that your body has to digest. The effects can kick in as soon as thirty minutes from consumption or closer to an hour for others. We suggest always waiting for a half-hour before increasing the dose to allow its’ full effects to be felt. You can always take more later, but there’s no way to reverse the psychoactive oncoming impact once it’s in your system. 

Inflammation and chronic pain relief are among the most common reasons patients want to try ingesting cannabis. Scientific research also suggests that those that use THC syrup may see improvements in nausea and vomiting symptoms for some people. THC syrup can be a valuable tool in helping those with eating disorders, IBS, and other digestive diseases and patients undergoing chemotherapy during cancer treatment.

Potential Risks

As with all cannabis products, adverse side effects can occur when you ingest cannabis at high levels. Patients should always consult with a trusted healthcare provider to determine the ideal THC syrup dosage for their specific medical conditions. THC syrup is one of the more potent THC cannabinoid products, and new users should start with a small dose due to the powerful high. 

Mixing THC syrup with alcohol or other medications can produce severe adverse side effects: a 2013 study showed that alcohol and cannabis use simultaneously could potentially produce dangerous psychopharmacological results.

THC syrup also contains high sugar levels, so consider this when choosing which cannabis product or method is suitable for your diet.  

Is THC syrup vegan?

Most of them are, and you can control that aspect when making it at home. We recommend checking the labels for any marijuana products before purchase.

What is the purest THC?

Isolated THCA and CBD are the purest concentrate forms of cannabis available, with potency levels reaching around 99.9%. The cannabis plant contains over five hundred active and inactive compounds that take the form of many different microscopic shapes and structures.

THC syrup recipe

There are many recipes for homemade THC syrup, but this one below is our favorite due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Supplies and Ingredients

  • Three cups of water
  • Three cups of granulated or brown sugar
  • Three tbsp of vegetable glycerin or coconut oil
  • Four grams of cannabis flower
  • Flavoring is optional: mint, lemon, vanilla, pineapple, etc.   

You will also need:

  • saucepan 
  • fine mesh strainer 
  • glass bottle


  1. Decarb your cannabis buds 
  2. Bring three cups of water to a boil.
  3. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Then add the cannabis flower and stir (now is the time to add flavoring if you choose) 
  4. Cover and simmer for twenty minutes, stirring often. Don’t allow the mixture to boil, or you may begin to cook off the cannabinoids. 
  5. Remove the lid and add glycerin or coconut oil. Simmer uncovered for seven to ten minutes, stirring until the mixture thickens. Please don’t leave the syrup unattended, or it may thicken too much. 
  6. Remove the pot from the heat and allow it to cool for five minutes. Strain the mix through your strainer into a small glass bottle or jar.
  7. Store in the refrigerator for up to three months. 

What can it be mixed with?

You can enjoy THC syrup on its own or by mixing THC syrup into your favorite beverage. Measure out your desired dose and quickly swig or add to teas, juices, and many other drinks that could benefit from the sweet flavor.

Consumption Methods

THC Syrup is a popular cannabis product due to its versatility and that it can be ingested in various ways by anyone. Although, inexperienced users should start with smaller doses and go from there to find the correct amount.

Like cannabis tinctures or a cannabis concentrate, the THC syrup can be used from a dropper, then absorbed under the tongue. You can try a dropper to place the liquid under your tongue. After that, it is best to keep it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it down the digestive tract.

THC Syrup vs. THC Lean

The term “Lean” dates back to the 1960s, referring to prescription codeine-promethazine cough syrup typically mixed with juice, soda, or an alcoholic beverage. THC syrup is similar to Lean and can sometimes be interchangeable in hip hop culture, but they are entirely different. Lean can sometimes be known as Sizzurp, Purple Drank, or Dirty Sprite.

THC syrup doesn’t harbor the same risks or produce near the intoxication levels as lean because it does not contain opiates. Codeine syrup, however, is extremely addictive and can quickly result in overdose or death, especially when mixed with alcohol or prescription medications.
THC syrup is seen as a much safer alternative to opioid-based syrup mixtures like weed lean, which can have many adverse effects on its users compared to cannabis syrups.

Best Strains for making THC syrups

Top THC syrup products on the Market

  • Black Label
  • Baked Bros
  • Liquid Karma
  • Cannavis
  • Mary Jones

Final Thoughts

Visit your local dispensary and consult a budtender to see what other THC syrups they might have available. If you don’t have any options nearby, many cannabis syrup brands also have delivery options. 

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