A thorough collection of THC detox methods and brands to help you pass a drug test quickly and effectively.

Need to Pass a Drug Test?

Recently, cannabis use has been legalized in many states on a medical or recreational level, but you still may encounter careers or organizations that require mandatory drug tests. If you’ve recently smoked marijuana and are anxious about an upcoming drug test, we will inform you about the detox process.

The Leafy Mate team has carefully created a list of the top THC detox methods on the market. This article will provide information about passing a drug test, seeking a detox program, or trying to quit. Below we will give more details on the top three weed detox methods.

How does THC Detox work?

Essentially, a detox cleanses the body of something, in our case, THC. By ceasing the use of weed for an amount of time, the body can naturally flush THC from its system. However, there are ways to speed up the process. Read on to find out more.

This weed detox process can vary in difficulty, depending on usage and genetic factors. The cannabis detox process may present adverse symptoms for daily consumers, including irritability, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and appetite suppression.

Will stopping weed produce withdrawal symptoms?

Marijuana use can lead to the development of a problem with the drug, known as a marijuana use disorder, which in severe cases can lead to addiction. According to recent studies, thirty percent of marijuana users may have some form of marijuana use disorder. Marijuana users under 18 are four to seven times more likely than adults to develop a marijuana use problem.

Cannabis use can occasionally link to dependence, which occurs when a person has withdrawal symptoms after they stop using the drug. Irritability, mood and sleep problems, decreased appetite, cravings, restlessness, and physical discomfort are common among marijuana users. These symptoms typically peak within the first week after quitting and last up to two weeks.

Increased Potency

Cannabis strength has progressively increased over recent decades, as seen by confiscated samples. The average THC level in captured marijuana samples was less than four percent in the early 1990s. In 2018, it was greater than fifteen percent. THC levels in marijuana concentrates can be substantially more significant.

The increasing potency of marijuana, combined with high-THC concentrates, raises concerns that the consequences of marijuana use today may be worse than in the past, especially among new users and young people whose brains are still developing.

Top 10 best THC detox methods

THC detox drinks

A detox drink is typically a liquid herbal supplement that helps the urinary, circulatory, and digestive systems remove toxins. It is a healthy way to cleanse your body while also receiving essential nutrients.

After taking this THC detox solution, you will want to urinate as many times as possible during the five hours. Usually, eating and drinking within that time is not suggested.

  • Test Clear Mega Clean Detox Drink
  • TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink
  • Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink

Weed detox pills

One of the best THC detox solutions to pass marijuana drug tests is detox pills. Two of the best THC detox pills out there are:

  • Nutra Cleanse Natural Supplements
  • TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills

THC detox kit

Many companies sell THC detox kits, usually containing pills and liquid that work together to rid your system of the drug. They are typically expensive and require a few days and some serious water intake to fully work on a drug test.

After carefully reviewing the all-in-one detox and alternative options on the market today, we ultimately decided on the following products for the best weed detox kit of 2022:

  1. Pass Your Test
  2. Test Clear
  3. Macujo
  4. TestClear Powdered Urine Kit
  5. Quick Fix liquid Synthetic Urine

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been known to be an effective natural cleaning agent. When mixed with water, it can increase your metabolism and help get that marijuana out of your body faster.

To create a detox drink, you can add a few tablespoons of ACV to eight ounces of water with an optional teaspoon of honey or a drop of lemon juice.

Applying small amounts of apple cider vinegar to your hair and scalp might also help remove built-up THC, so you know you are in the clear for a hair drug test.

Lemon and Cranberry Juice

Drinking cranberry juice and lemon juice are common natural detox drinks. They are high in antioxidants and vitamins and boost your health by removing toxins from the body.

Besides being inexpensive and readily available, this fruit detox liquid acts as a cleanse, so it takes time to work effectively.

Coffee Cleanse

Coffee has detoxification and diuretic properties and can be a lifesaver for those needing to pass a drug test quickly. The more coffee you drink, the more THC metabolites and toxins rid from your body.

We also advise drinking water and taking vitamin B supplements, and remember not to exceed daily caffeine dose recommendations.

Exercise and Water- The Natural Detox

With some drugs, your body can naturally detox within three to five days. For marijuana, it can take up to thirty days depending on use, metabolism, body fat, and other health factors.

You can speed this process up by exercising and drinking several ounces of water per day. but it won’t work quickly enough for passing random drug tests.

Drinking plenty of water during the detox phase is an excellent start. Frequent urination is a sign that it is starting to work.

Rather than drinking an excessive amount in a short period of time, it’s best to maintain a good hydration level through the THC detox process. Eventually, your body will naturally rid itself of toxins.

Hair Shampoo

This product can help cleanse the hair follicles before a drug test. The best brands will seem like regular shampoo that can strip metabolites and work quickly without damaging the hair.

Three of the best brands of THC detox solutions for your hair:

  • Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid
  • Rescue Hair Detox Shampoo
  • Dr. Greens Wash Away Shampoo


You can effectively get through an oral drug test with the help of a good mouthwash. One of the best products is Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash, which can help cleanse you of any THC traces without harming your mouth. Its unique formulation helps eliminate evidence of drug use right before a drug test occurs.

Remember that this method is only to be used fifteen minutes before a drug test; otherwise, it may not work.

Quitting in advance

If you want to rid your body of marijuana completely, there is no better way than abstaining. It can be uncomfortable to stop at first, especially if you are a daily user; however, it will become a smoother transition if you gradually decrease the amount each day.

If you want a fresh slate, we recommend practicing a healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise and sufficient water intake.

What is the most common drug test?

Urine is the most common and is used by the U.S. Department of Transportation for regulated drug tests. A standard 5-panel drug test is a prominent option for many companies and organizations.

It typically screens for the “NIDA 5,” NIDA is an acronym for the National Institute on Drug Abuse. A 5-panel test will check for the use of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP).

What drugs are typically tested?

The most common workplace drug testing types are:
  • urine
  • blood
  • saliva
  • hair

Detection Window

Urine tests can detect illicit substances for up to ten days. Marijuana is the exception as it can stay in the body for up to thirty days, especially if you are a regular user.

Blood testing is a more expensive option and can only detect drugs for up to a few hours. A saliva test is the less invasive option and has a detection period of no more than 21 hours. Hair follicle drug test kits are the least common but can go back the farthest, up to ninety days for drugs and alcohol.

Drug Testing at home

There’s a way to test for THC before going for the actual drug test. It is called a home drug test kit. There are plenty of marijuana drug test kit brands available in the market.

Although they are not always 100 percent accurate, many people test a urine sample at home to ensure their bodies have fully detoxed before the official urine drug test.

Are THC Detox Methods Necessary for Cannabis Users Who Enjoy Hiking in Colorado?

For cannabis users who frequent the best Colorado cannabis hikes, THC detox methods may be necessary. Even though Colorado has legalized marijuana, hikers need to be mindful of potential drug tests on federal land. To continue enjoying the natural beauty of Colorado while using cannabis, detox methods can be essential.

Workplace Drug Testing Statistics

These statistics are based on the 2019 Drug Testing Index report by Quest Diagnostics, which has analyzed over ten million workplace drug tests over thirty years.
  • The urine test positivity rate among the non-safety-sensitive workforce in the U.S. is at 4.5 percent, which is the highest level since 2004. This is 25 percent higher than the lowest recorded rate of 3.5 percent in 2010 and 2012.
  • Marijuana is the most commonly detected drug among all workforce, including safety-sensitive.
  • Opiates testing positivity decreased by 37 percent to its lowest level in 4 years to .31 percent. Opioid testing positivity has also reduced by 46 percent to its lowest level in five years to .43 percent.
  • The United States general workforce positivity rate increased from 4.8 percent in 2015 to 5.1 percent in 2018.
  • Six industry sectors had double-digit increases between 2015 and 2018 in drug testing positivity rates that doubled the national positivity rate increase of 6.2 percent.
  • Eight industry sectors saw substantial increases in marijuana positivity rates between 2015 through 2018 compared to the national average of 16.7 percent.
  • The Information Services industry saw a significant decrease in marijuana positivity rates with a 12.5% decrease between 2015 and 2018 and was the only industry sector with a reduction between 2017 and 2018.
  • According to a recent study by the University of Michigan, published by Cornell University, more than one-third of programmers admit to cannabis use during work hours to boost creativity, work performance, and enjoyment. 
  • The study also showed that cannabis use is similar for programming employees, managers, and students during work tasks. 

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, there are a few ways that you can pass a drug test for cannabis use:

  1. A natural cleanse can take a month to ninety days depending on the frequency of cannabis use
  2. Detox Kits can help combat a positive test and usually takes a week to fully work.
  3. Detox Drinks offer a quick flush, usually within hours can pass a drug test.
  4. Synthetic urine can work, but it’s risky and could result in an anti-doping rule violation if caught.
  5. There are natural, home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and Niacin; however, there is no direct evidence these methods will work.

The THC detox methods mentioned above are temporary quick fixes that can help you maneuver your way into a negative drug test panel. However, it’s essential to note that you should avoid getting caught cheating on your drug test even though these products are sold online.

The detox journey can be extensive, so remember to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Engaging in light exercise or activities like taking a walk, reading, and spending time with loved ones is encouraged.

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