Consuming cannabis through a bong is a traditional method of smoking that dates back to the earliest generations of civilized humans. The global marijuana market has skyrocketed in the past decade and continues to trend upward yearly. 

 As a result, the sale of smoking accessories such as glass bongs has increased. For cannabis users, this means that there are plenty of online products to choose from, but they aren’t all going to be crafted with high-quality materials. 

It’s essential to look into descriptions and online reviews to ensure the bong you choose is the right choice for your desired smoking experience. Here, we’ve made it easier for those looking to purchase by compiling a list of a few of the top bongs on the market in 2022.  

There are four main aspects to consider when shopping for bongs online:

What is the brand’s reputation? 

Be sure to choose a brand you can trust. Be sure to select a highly-reviewed company with various bong choices that cannabis smokers enjoy using.  

What size is the bowl? 

Bong bowls come in different sizes, shapes, and depths. Find one that will ensure you’re getting the perfect hit every time. 

What’s the best bong style? 

Smoking bongs vary in color, theme, shape, and size. There are:

  • beaker bongs
  • borosilicate glass bongs
  • water pipes
  • straight tube bongs
  • ice bong ( for cool smoke)

Does it have perc? 

Percolator bongs provide an extra layer of filtration by cooling off the smoke during a session. It’s the type of bong that bubbles when you rip it. Some bong brands are dry, meaning there’s no water or percolation. They can be a bit harsher, but also an intense high.   

Top 6 Best Bongs in 2022 

While countless bongs are on the market today, we have narrowed down a list of the top ten online. You can find unique and hand-crafted bongs at local dispensaries and Etsy-style shops, but these will be easy to find and affordable.

From silicon bongs to those made with thick borosilicate glass, there’s sure to be a high-quality bong for all cannabis enthusiasts on this list.

8″ Bent Rainbow Beaker Bong

This eight-inch rainbow gradient bong is a beautifully crafted water pipe. It provides a clean, smooth hit that one reviewer said eliminated the choking they experienced with other bongs. 

It’s a medium-sized iridescent bong with an ice catcher for creating a smoother bong rip. The bowl is a smaller, funnel slider style, perfect for one or two smokers at a time.  

7″ -15″ Expandable Silicone Bong

For anyone looking for a bong with the complete package, this one is for you. It’s incredibly durable and portable. Being about to adjust the sizing down to seven inches and up to fifteen inches makes this silicone piece the ultimate travel-friendly water bong. 

Silicone bongs are excellent for those that are rough on their glass products. Tuck it away and then expand it once at a friend’s house makes it a great party option. This expandable beaker bong has a 14 mm male bowl with a nice amount of herb. 

It’s a unique water bong that provides a smooth, delicious flavor on the go. You can find them in four multi-patterned colors, including:  

  • Purple and black
  • White and blue
  • Blue and Green
  • Green and Brown 

7.5″ Rainbow Cloud Water Pipe

This compact water bong is a perfect addition to any smoker’s collection. It’s decorative, colorful, and fun, yet highly effective regarding smoking herbs. The Rainbow Cloud Water Pipe is 7.5 inches and lightweight, making it ideal for transporting if desired.  

A cloud at one end of the rainbow is also perc, located in the center of the beaker base. Then, the rainbow is the fixed downstem that happens to be the main design. It provides a gorgeous color pop to the water bong. The cloud on the other side of the rainbow holds the funnel slider bowl, completing the aesthetic. Crafted with high-quality borosilicate glass, this water pipe is built to last.

4″ Glass Rasta Mini Bong with airflow control

Mini bongs are efficient, cheap bongs that can still deliver a solid hit. The Rasta Mini Bong is compact, durable, and uniquely designed. Despite its four-inch size, this mini bong packs a powerful impact. 

It has wide and low chambers that hold a lot of smoke for clouds, but the water ensures the hit won’t be harsh, and the perc helps smooth it out even more. 

The Rasta produces good vibes with its laid-back, fun color scheme. It’s travel-friendly, easy to pack, and affordable at under ten dollars.

20″ Double Matrix Perc Bong

This glass water bong by Dank Glass is an extra-long, 20-inch straight tube bong made of durable 7mm glass. This bong does pack a lot of height, but the large round base keeps it sturdy and secure. This percolator bong offers a pleasant cooling effect when smoking cannabis. 

While most bongs have one perc, this tall bong has built-in double matrix perc that provides the ultimate smooth bong rip. Matrix percolators have a unique spiral aesthetic, so they could easily be decorative when not used and can also be easier to clean than the typical tree percolator. 

The Double Matrix has a 14mm male bowl to fit its female joint, so there is no need to buy a separate bowl. 

7.5″ Honey Bee Bent Beaker Bong – Glow In The Dark

This glass bong has a unique beehive design with a built-in ice catcher for smoother hits. This 7.5-inch bent neck bong has a 14mm funnel slider bowl, a wide mouthpiece, and a beaker shape. 

It’s the perfect size for personal use at home but still small enough to be portable. Reviews boast about the uniquely crafted bee-themed decal, the beautiful design features, and the holder for ice cubes.

How to Clean Glass Bongs

Keeping your bong clean is essential for a smooth, tasty hit of cannabis. Not to mention, it’s healthier for your lungs to use fresh water rather than old, stale bong water. 

There are a few methods out there for cleaning your glass bong:
  1. Boiling water, lemon, pipe cleaners
  2. Salt and hot water
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol 
  4. Purchase a specialized bong cleaner 

Regular bong maintenance will help extend your bong’s life and accessories. It’s always recommended to smoke with clean water for optimal respiratory health. 

A fast, effective cleaning solution around the house is an excellent way to ensure resin won’t build up inside your glass piece. This will improve the taste and quality of your cannabis and make for a superior bong smoking experience. 

Make Your Own Gravity Bong

Knowing how to make a solid gravity bong could come in handy when you lack proper supplies to smoke. Not to mention, you’ll even impress some onlookers. For example, let’s say you’re all out of papers or wraps, or your bong breaks, leaving only the bowl piece. 

This is a great time to check your recycling and see if you can use any single-use plastic bottles for this straightforward and entertaining craft. While there are many different homemade bongs, this one always takes the cake.

What you’ll need:
  • One 1-gallon plastic water jug 
  • One 2-liter soda bottle 
  • One bowl piece (or aluminum foil)
  • Ground weed
  • Scissors or sharp knife

Assembling the Bong

The first step of this process will be to cut up your empty plastic bottles. Begin by cutting the top of your gallon water jug so that the neck is completely removed. This will be called the tub.

With the smaller bottle, you’ll do the opposite, meaning you will cut off the bottom of the bottle, which will be referred to as the chamber since it’s a piece filling up with smoke.

After this, you should be left with two empty plastic bottles that will function as the two components of your gravity bong. Finally, fill the tub with water, place the chamber piece into the tub, and voila, your gravity bong is ready for use. 

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