Percolator bongs and water pipes provide an extra layer of filtration by cooling off the smoke during a session. It’s the type of bong that bubbles when you rip it. Some bong brands are dry, meaning there’s no water or percolation. They can be a bit harsher, but also an intense high.   

How do percolator bongs work?

Percolator bongs originally came in a dome shape, but now they come in many different shapes and designs. Despite the varying structures, all percs use the same two mechanisms to filter and diffuse the smoke.

The first provides an opportunity for smoke to come in contact with water, a process that naturally filters and cools it. The second involves tiny holes which allow smoke to pass through slowly. This significantly allows a larger surface area of smoke to come in contact with water and cools it further.

What are the benefits of using one?

Percolator bongs filter and cools each rip with various features that remove the harshness of the smoke. Filtering it through water also provides a healthier option as it removes toxins. Percolators help to eliminate the byproducts of combustion. The smoke cools down as it travels through and can transform into water vapor for smoother, tastier hits.

In summary, percolator bongs help to do the following:

  • Filter impurities and debris
  • Cool the smoke to get rid of harshness
  • Easy to use
  • May enhance the effects

How do I use my Percolator bong?

Using a percolator bong is reasonably straightforward and similar to a regular one. The primary difference is how much water to put into the main chamber for the percolator to work right. Depending on size and style, each perc may require different water levels for maximum function.

Be sure to handle your bong carefully, especially when cleaning; be mindful of the fragility of the inside glass pieces. Once you have filled the right amount of water, pack the bowl. Then, light it up, suck in the smoke, and lift the perc to clear it. It’s that simple.

Types of Percolators

There are many styles of percolator bongs, such as tree perc, barrel percs, and honeycomb percs, which can feature a straight tube or beaker design. No matter the type, percs do the following three things: filter, diffuse, and cool the smoke.


Honeycomb bongs look similar to a beehive with a flat, even level of filtration. A honeycomb perc bong are usually in straight tube glass because they are well-balanced within the piece. Honeycomb percolators can be used together for maximum filtration and are easily cleaned. They are a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts.


Tree percs have many branches that offer various filtration points. When you hit this type of bong, the smoke is filtered, passes through and looks like a waterfall with flowing bubbles. They are often a fan favorite for filtering smoke because they look fantastic whether in use or not. Tree percs offer a smooth smoking experience and an awesome vibe.


Inline percolators look like horizontal tubes with slits to filter the smoke. The smoke is cooled when it passes through the slits of inline percolators, producing water vapor. Inline percs can offer an even cooler hit if paired with an ice catcher. They are straightforward to clean and durable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them very easily.


Downstems are part of many percolator bongs and can be added as an attachment to a regular bong that doesn’t come with a percolator. Downstems are excellent for adding a bit of filtration without overpowering the smoke flow during a bong rip. A downstem is a vital aspect of a glass bong because it would not function properly without it. The connection between the bowl and water chamber is what creates the smoke and allows the percto do its thing. A downstem is an easy fix to a cheap bong that you want to enhance.


Showerhead percolators are famous for their durability and relatively easy maintenance. While not as fancy as some other styles, they are dependable and powerful. They are also called UFO or tire percolators because they look like round discs. A middle tube carries the smoke through holes on the edge of the bong. There are many different holes that the smoke will then travel through; however, the exact number depends on the specific design.


Matrix percolators have a very effective filtration system. Beyond creating hundreds of tiny bubbles, matrix percolators will raise your expectations for a smooth, clean smoking experience. Matrix percs also look terrific and are much easier to clean than many other percolators.


Similar to swiss cheese, these bongs have uneven slits that create a circle of bubbles to filter the smoke before hitting the mouthpiece. A swiss percolator bong looks neat inside a straight tube perc bong and delivers an insanely smooth bong rip.


Rather than creating bubbles, turbine percolators direct water into a cyclone. The higher amount of moving water helps to cool smoke even quicker while actively in the chamber. It’s also fun to watch the turbine perc in action as the water swirls down the bong.


The cylinder design of a barrel perc has several holes within a grid that allow for optimal diffusion. You will generally use these straight-tube bongs in an upright position, though some pieces can be connected to a downstem.


A double percolator bong is designed with more than one percolator chamber. This means a cool-looking piece and more filtration and cooling than a single chamber design.

Top 5 Percolator Bongs on the Market

Consuming cannabis through a bong or water pipe is a traditional method of smoking that dates back to the earliest generations of civilized humans. The global marijuana market has skyrocketed in the past decade and continues to trend upward yearly. As a result, the sale of smoking accessories such as glass bongs has increased.

For cannabis users, this means that there are plenty of online products to choose from, but they aren’t all going to be crafted with high-quality materials. It’s essential to look into descriptions and online reviews to ensure the bong you choose is the right choice for your desired smoking experience. Here are five of the best percolator bongs on the market.

  • Glasscity 13’’ Double-tree Perc
  • Purr 10’’ Honeycomb Perc
  • Puffing Bird 15’’ Tree Perc
  • Diamond Glass 8’’ Mini Beaker Bong
  • LA Pipes 14″ Double-Showerhead Perc

How do I clean my Percolator bong?

Keeping your percolator bong clean is essential for a smooth, tasty hit of cannabis. Not to mention, it’s healthier for your lungs to use fresh water rather than old, stale bong water. While a glass bong is not as easy to clean with a perc, it’s absolutely doable with the ingredients below.

There are a few methods out there for cleaning your perc bong:
  1. Boiling water, lemon, pipe cleaners
  2. Salt and hot water
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol 
  4. Purchase a specialized bong cleaner 

Regular maintenance will help extend your bong’s life and accessories. It’s always recommended to smoke with clean water for optimal respiratory health. 

A fast, effective cleaning solution around the house is an excellent way to ensure resin won’t build up inside your perc bongs. This will improve the taste and quality of your cannabis and make for a superior smoking experience. 

Consider these factors when choosing a bong:
  • What is the brand’s reputation? 

Be sure to choose a brand you can trust.  Preferably a highly-reviewed company with various types of bong choices that cannabis smokers enjoy using.  

  • What size is the bowl? 

Bong bowls come in different sizes, shapes and depth.  Find one that will ensure you’re getting the perfect hit every time. 

  • What’s the bong style? 

Bongs vary in color and theme, as well as shape and size.  There are mini bongs, beaker shaped, shower head, long tube-like, and many other popular styles.  

  • Does it have a perc? 

Percolator bongs provide an extra layer of filtration by cooling off the smoke during a session.  It’s the type of bong that bubbles when you rip it. Some bongs are dry bongs, meaning there’s no water or percolation.  They can be a bit more harsh, but also an intense high.  

Wrapping it Up

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