What is sativa? What is cannabis? What are the benefits of sativa? What are the disadvantages of sativa? These are all questions cannabis consumers often ask. When it comes to the cannabis plant there is a lot to learn. One common question cannabis consumers will get asked when they go to a dispensary is if they want an indica or a sativa strain. This is a question that may not seem to matter to some, weed is weed, right? The answer is a bit more complicated, so we are going to get into a little bit about cannabis sativa and what it is.   

What is Cannabis Sativa?  

Sativa is one of the three main types of cannabis sold and consumed, the other two types are indica and hybrid. Sativa strains are typically associated with cerebral effects, making them great for daytime use. They can help increase focus and creativity, making them ideal for performing tasks that require a lot of attention.  Cannabis sativa is historically known for its high THC content. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets you “high”. Sativas are well known for the so-called “head high” or “mind high” people feel after consuming or smoking them. Sativas are perceived to have uplifting effects. Sativa is often referred to as cerebral, for the strong psychoactive effects one feels. 

Get To Know Sativa 

With the massive increase of the commercial cannabis industry finding true, pure strains of any kind of cannabis can prove to be difficult. However, there are a few things to know about true sativa plants: 
  • Cannabis sativa grows very well in hot and tropical climates. Sativa cannabis plants tend to do very well with long periods of time in the sun, and it is a plant that is found all over Central America, Mexico, Central America, Southeast Asia, Western Asia, Africa, and other areas with hot, dry climates. 
  • The sativa plant is known for its tall thin leaves, these plants can grow over 10 feet tall and may take more time than some other strains of cannabis to reach full maturity. This is called flowering time. In general, sativas will have a longer flowering time than other strains.  
  • Sativa plants tend to yield fewer buds than indica plants.  
  • The buds of a sativa plant tend to be fluffier and less dense than indicas or some hybrids. 
  • True sativa plants often contain lower levels of CBD and higher doses of THC. In contrast, cannabis indica strains often contain a higher CBD content than sativa strains. Keep in mind that with cross-breeding and mixing of strains this is not always the case.  
  • Sativa is known for inducing an energetic, anxiety-reducing, productive type of feeling. Indica strains tend to have more sedative effects. 
  • Sativas often smells fruity, sweet, or even spicy.  

What is Sativa Used For?  

Different kinds of sativa will have different effects on the user and can be used for both recreational and medicinal reasons. For example, some sativas are energizing and help the user focus better while others are more calming, relaxing, sleepy even. When you know what type of sativa you prefer, it’s easier to find the right strain for you.  Generally speaking, sativas are not a great choice for those looking to alleviate or help with conditions such as insomnia. Sativa strains often will create a feeling of increased focus and more energy, which can keep an individual awake rather than allowing them to relax and fall asleep. For this reason, it is often recommended that sativas only be used during the day If interference with the sleep cycle is a concern.  When it comes to treating certain conditions like anxiety, depression, and fatigue, then sativa may be a good choice, whereas an cannabis indica strains may make one feel relaxed and sedated.   a happy and relaxed sativa cannabis user - Leafy MateSativa is also great for reducing stress and anxiety. It has been shown to help improve moods, increase happiness, and decrease negative feelings. This makes it a great choice for people who suffer from conditions like depression or bipolar disorder.   Sativa can be used for creativity, energy, and focus.  It can help produce an uplifting type of feeling.   Finally, cannabis sativa is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a great choice for people who seeking chronic pain relief or suffer from other conditions that cause inflammation. 

Sativa vs Indica Myths 

As mentioned earlier, due to the increasing number of growers, crossbreeds, and hybrid strains on the market it is highly likely that those marked as sativa may not be true, purebred sativa cannabis. While there are some true differences between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants, there are also a lot of urban myths.  One myth says sativa is for daytime and indica strains are for nighttime. As we discussed there may be some truth to this, however, again as most strains commercially sold on the market are hybrids are mixed this is not always the case.   Do not rely on strain names to predict if a product is indica or sativa. Strain names have gone through many different evolutions over the last several years, and it is often the case that a specific cannabis strain a consumer is looking for may not be the strain they end up getting. 

What is Avena? 

Despite the similarity in name of Avena Sativa is not something in the cannabis family. Avena Sativa is oat straw and comes from the unripened Avena Sativa plant. It can be used as an extract as well as in powder and capsule form. Avena Sativa has been shown to have several health benefits; however, it is not a known strain of cannabis nor a member of the cannabis family. It may, however, be the name of a strain somewhere that a grower likes. Asking for Avena Sativa in a cannabis dispensary will not get you very far. 

Can Sativa be Used in Blunts?

Yes, sativa can be used in blunts. Sativa is known for its energetic and uplifting effects, making it a popular choice for those looking for a creative boost. When using sativa in blunts, the user can expect a heady high that is perfect for social or creative activities. Blunt definition and usage varies depending on the individual’s preference and the strain of marijuana being used.

Popular Sativa Strains  

Keeping in mind that there is much crossbreeding in hybrid strains of cannabis available, the following strains are known or at least said to be derived from cannabis sativa.  
  • Durban Poison 
  • Panama Red 
  • Sour Diesel  
  • Lemon Haze 
  • Super Lemon Haze 
  • Ghost Train Haze 
  • Blue Dream Haze  
It is possible, depending upon where the cannabis is purchased from, or if it is grown in a small batch or grown at home to get purebred sativa.  

Strains that are known to be pure and true Sativas:  

  • Maui Wowie 
  • Green Crack 
  • Tangie 
If you are specifically looking for a sativa dominant, or purebred sativa strain talk to dispensary staff, or perhaps get in touch with a grower, or get your own seeds and grow some at home. 

Cannabis Sativa and You 

Cannabis sativa can come in many different forms. It can be found in dried flowers, as well as in edibles, gummies, oils, tinctures, topicals, and more. Cannabis sativa contains both THC and CBD and can be used recreationally as well as therapeutically. Keep in mind that in some cases the difference between a Sativa and an indica is simply industry jargon and a label. If you are looking for a true sativa strain it may require a little more effort than just purchasing a product with sativa on the label.  When used correctly, cannabis sativa can have many benefits for the user. It can help increase focus, creativity, and energy while reducing stress, anxiety, and inflammation.  As always when using any cannabis product, start out with a smaller dose, unless you are an experienced cannabis consumer. Always read labels, and do not be afraid to ask questions of dispensary staff. If you are hoping to use cannabis sativa to help manage or alleviate a specific medical condition it is best to do so after consulting a medical professional. 

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