If you are interested in a cannabis career, continue reading as we go over the top marijuana jobs and some of the recently trending cannabis businesses.

Your Cannabis Career

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in many American states, more jobs are in demand within the legal cannabis sector than ever before. A recent report by MJBizDaily suggests that the total U.S. economic impact from marijuana sales in 2021 reached 92 billion USD, and the cannabis industry is projected to earn approximately 160 billion USD by 2025. A brief look at popular cannabis-related job boards shows multiple positions regarding cannabis cultivation and legal sales of marijuana.

Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Market

Although the federal government has yet to approve legal weed, states are creating their own laws for recreational and medical marijuana. Many states allow cannabis cultivation and dispensaries, providing multiple cannabis jobs for those wanting to become involved in local marijuana companies.

Compliance Inspectors

A compliance officer’s job description includes communicating new state or federal level laws and regulations to the dispensary workers. The compliance inspector is responsible for establishing a culture of conformity regarding knowing and following rules at a dispensary. Other job details may include:

  • Detering wrong behavior by setting an ethical code and communicating those policies to the staff. 
  • Communicating new compliance issues with employees as quickly and effectively as possible. 
  • If a compliance violation occurs, the cannabis compliance inspector is responsible for investigating when and how it happened. 
  •  Typically, the compliance manager must make high levels aware of the occurrence. 
  • Establishing open and direct communication with state and local regulators is essential for a compliance manager. 
  • Taking an active role in cannabis reform organizations that advocate for new and better marijuana legislation. 

Human Resources

A Human Resources manager will coordinate all aspects of the human resources function for the company. This includes:

  • recruitment 
  • hiring
  • orientation
  • training
  • payroll processes
  • compensation and benefits
  • safety
  • affirmative action.

Potential Responsibilities

  • Creating and implementing a recruitment plan
  • Ensuring interviews, background checks, and paperwork are conducted in a timely and legally compliant manner
  • Maintaining accurate and confidential employee records
  • Assisting with exit interviews
  • Ensuring termination and transfer paperwork is completed
  • Tracking and analyzing employee retention
  • Conducting new employee orientation and staff training
  • Coordinating performance appraisal processes and implementing performance improvement plans
  • Addressing employee concerns and directing employees to appropriate resources as needed
  • Coordinating the development and maintenance of the employee handbook
  • Monitoring leaves of absence, disabilities, and other employee issues 
  • Addressing problem areas and completing audit paperwork 


  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and up to three years of Human Resources experience
  • Ability to effectively communicate with a diverse group of employees
  • Knowledge of state and federal employment laws
  • Minimum twenty-one years old
  • Must possess a valid government identification
  • Must pass any required background checks
  • Must have current state cannabis worker license if applicable

Cannabis Consultant (budtender)

Budtenders are cannabis consultants who have direct contact with customers. A day will typically involve helping people with making purchases, offering advice, and showcasing cannabis-infused products. You will also greet customers and assist them with questions and concerns. This marijuana job will require a level of expertise and cannabis knowledge that comes with prior experience using the plant. Although, this is not a requirement for most dispensaries.

Delivery Drivers

If you’re located where the cannabis industry is booming, delivery cannabis jobs driving weed to customers pay pretty well. According to Cannabiz Team, delivery drivers make between 40,000 USD and 50,000 USD per year and are typically in high demand with job openings popping up regularly. Vox recently reported that a woman who has a cannabis career with a California company, Caliva, paid its workers between 15 USD and 17.50 USD per hour with health benefits, sick leave, and travel reimbursement.

A cannabis delivery job will most likely require a valid driver’s license, a clean background check, and a little to no driving record. Some companies will need you to have a vehicle and GPS device. You may be required to possess your own physician-authorized medical marijuana permit to work for the company in some states for legal reasons.

Security Guard

Security guards are utilized in many dispensaries, growing and manufacturing locations, and other places medical marijuana is produced and distributed. Many employers will require you to receive certification as a guard and be licensed to carry a firearm in many instances. You’ll also be required to prove that you have a clean driving record.

Cannabis Testing Lab Technician

Job Duties may include: 

  • Ensuring samples are received, accessioned, and prepared in a compliant manner.
  • Performing extractions and preparing samples for analysis.
  • Responsible to create, prepare and track cannabis solutions
  • Responsible for maintaining relevant logs and equipment maintenance 
  • Producing high-quality, mistake-free work in the lab.
  • Seeking out new and better ideas to drive best practices and improve products.
  • Promoting a positive and safe work environment through understanding OSHA regulations, practices, and procedures.
  • Follows all company policies and procedures to ensure product integrity and quality control.
  • Works with laboratory information management system.
  •  At least two years of college coursework in a science-related field or one year of experience in a relevant laboratory.
  • Special Requirements may include a Valid Driver’s License and the ability to work in the United States legally. 
  • Conditions of employment are typically contingent upon a favorable background check.

Other top cannabis jobs include dispensary managers, production manager, cannabis cultivation, and master growers, edibles chefs, public relations, health coaches for medical marijuana patients, and more.

Industry-Specific Job Boards

Here are five websites that come highly recommended for finding cannabis jobs within legal marijuana businesses.

Cannabis Industry Overview

Along with most other industries, the global cannabis industry took a hit due to COVID-19. Specifically, brick-and-mortar dispensaries suffered while cannabis delivery companies began to see a boom in business. Most companies had to shift to including social media and e-commerce marketing in their business plan. That being said, the cannabis market is growing and is projected to continue this upward trend in the coming years.

Cannabis industry market drivers include the success of its medicinal properties, especially for the older communities and those with chronic conditions. As it becomes increasingly popular, more U.S. states are expected to follow legalization. The FDA has approved several cannabinoid drugs, and there is plenty of room for growth and new product creation in both the medical and recreational markets.

Recent Industry Growth

In recent years, cannabis has grown with unprecedented speed as a new industry in the world market. According to market research, the global legal marijuana market size was valued at USD 9.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.7% from 2021 to 2028. Many other countries have legalized cannabis during the coronavirus pandemic, causing a worldwide spike in the emerging market. In short, there’s already a solid consumer base and plenty of money to be made by tapping into the growing marijuana industry.

Market Size and Future Projections

Here are a few cannabis market insights:

  • Cannabusiness is a rapidly growing industry.
  • Market size is expected to increase to a value of USD 91.5 billion by 2028.
  • This substantial increase in cannabis businesses is primarily due to increased global legalization in recent years.
  • Medical users were at the top of the market in 2020 and are anticipated to remain on trend in the future.
  • The elderly population is at the top of the consumer base for medical marijuana.
  • Cannabis is increasingly used to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, psychological disorders, cancer-related symptoms, insomnia, and more.
  • North America will lead the worldwide cannabis market in 2022 as it gains popularity in the U.S. and Canada.

U.S. Statewide Cannabis

The impact of the growing cannabis industry is so prevalent that the U.S. Census Bureau plans to gather and study data regarding how states use the money to improve their infrastructure and social programming. This type of data will lead to more cannabis jobs and hopefully will encourage an end to the federal prohibition.

  • In Alaska, fifty percent of adult-use cannabis sales revenue “is invested in the Recidivism Reduction Fund and supports reentry programs for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals.”
  • California has distributed more than 100 million USD to community groups and local nonprofit programs that benefit people adversely impacted by punitive drug laws.
  • Colorado public schools have benefitted from a nearly 500 million USD investment in cannabis tax revenue.
  • Illinois is dedicating a percentage of its tax revenue to mental health services and local organizations that uplift disadvantaged communities. Incidentally, the state’s 2021 cannabis tax revenue outpaced that of alcohol by 100 million USD.
  • Washington State funnels more than half of every 1 billion USD in cannabis tax revenue into public health initiatives, including a fund that provides health insurance for low-income families.

What Impact Did The Dutch Have on Job Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry?

The Dutch spread cannabis worldwide, creating job opportunities in the cannabis industry. Their pioneering efforts in cultivation and distribution have dramatically influenced the global market for marijuana products. The Dutch have had a significant impact on shaping the future of job opportunities within the cannabis industry.

Jobs in Cannabis FAQs

Let’s go over some of the top questions from those considering a career switch into the legal marijuana industry.

What is the best job in the cannabis industry?

The answer to this question greatly depends on your personal skills and career preferences. However, some do offer higher pay and a better work-life balance than others. Here are our top five: cannabis brand ambassador, dispensary manager, master grower, edibles chef, and cannabis marketing director.

What kind of jobs do Stoners have?

People who smoke weed can hold any normal job like anyone else. But, you could run into drug testing or hours and tasks that you don’t enjoy. As a stoner, becoming involved in the growing and extracting of buds can be rewarding. It may also be useful for cannabis experts to use their knowledge as budtenders to help others pick the right strains and marijuana products.

What is a cannabis harvest technician?

A cannabis harvest technician provides support for a cultivation teams’ operations. This marijuana job is typically responsible for preparing and processing the harvest for extraction and sales. Essential responsibilities include: 

  • Offloading, harvesting, sanitizing, reloading, milling, and disposing of cannabis waste.
  • Drying and curing wet cannabis plants.
  • Weighing and recording post-harvest materials and managing cultivation waste.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing dry rooms. 
  • Communicating thoroughly with the management team and co-workers in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Develop and Maintain an organized work area.
  • Ensuring compliance with all company policies and procedures and federal and state laws.

Will working at a dispensary hurt my future employment?

Will a cannabis job on your resume hurt your chances? In short, not really. Medical cannabis use is legal in thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia and legalized for adult recreational use in seventeen of those states.

How many Americans work in the cannabis industry?

As of 2021, there were 428,059 people employed with cannabis jobs. This was a significant jump up from prior years.

Are dispensary jobs hard to get?

No more than other skilled positions. If you present a well-rounded resume, communicate, and have the knowledge, communication, and customer relation skills, cannabis industry jobs are a pretty fair playing field.

What knowledge do you need to work at a dispensary?

Becoming a budtender requires job seekers to have no special skills other than being considered hireable by a licensed dispensary. State laws require no personal license, certification, or training. However, many dispensary owners expect a certain level of expertise from budtender applicants, and it can be competitive for an entry-level position.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for cannabis jobs? Career searching in this legal marijuana industry isn’t much different than searching requirements in a more traditional field. The typical methods still apply, including:

  • Networking
  • Submitting applications
  • Resume and cover letter
  • Referrals
  • Job search sites 

These steps can help you find your dream job in the legal cannabis industry. There are several niche sites focusing on marijuana jobs, and a quick Google search will connect you with many of them. Social media is also an excellent option for finding marijuana jobs near you. 

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