If you’ve been smoking weed for a long time, chances are you’ve come across a wild variety of different strains to smoke. The name “moon rock” however, is not just a fun name for a new strain that claims to send you to the moon. A moon rock is actually a combination of some favorite cannabis products into one (incredibly potent) nugget for smoking. These products are regular cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate or hash oil, and dry sift, also called kief or pollen. Mixing these three ingredients results in what we know as moon rocks, also called cannabis caviar in the weed world due to their luxurious layering.

A brief history of moon rocks

We can thank West Coast rapper Kurupt for popularizing moon rocks. In fact, some within cannabis culture even claim he invented it since he trademarked his own brand of the stuff called Kurupt Moonrocks. Because of how potent they are, moon rocks have traditionally been enjoyed by veteran weed smokers to achieve the highest of highs. Other users even report using them to relieve chronic pain. First-time users should proceed with caution though because even those with a high tolerance can be, shall we say, sent to the moon.

Making moon rocks yourself

This specialty product is pretty easy to whip up at home, and chances are if you are an avid stoner you already have everything you need. To create a moon rock, you simply need some bud.

The “original recipe” calls for using girl scout cookies, but any strain of flower you prefer to smoke will work. Without breaking up the bud, choose your favorite concentrate to soak it in. This trick ups the overall THC levels you will be consuming, so keep that in mind when deciding on a concentrate to use. Going too high on the potency will make your moon rocks incredibly strong.

The third and final step is to roll your oil-covered flower in kief until it is completely covered once again. This adds terpenes and other cannabinoids to the rock, and again increases the amount of smokable material to get you higher. Now you have your very own moon rock. Repeat this process with as many flower nuggets as you want until your rock collection is big enough to start smoking. You can also make more to save for later if you expect to use moon rocks often.

How to smoke moon rocks?

Just to be clear, moon rocks are meant for smoking. They are not edibles, despite the small amount of preparation you may have done in the kitchen to create each perfect rock. There are some small specifics you will want to be aware of when smoking moon rocks, though, as they are slightly different from a regular bud.

While you can still roll these rocks into a moon rock joint, it will be hard to keep lit. It is recommended that you smoke moon rocks using a glass bong, bowl, or pipe. If you want to roll them into a joint, add some extra flowers along with the moon rocks to make it easier to light.

Because of their composition, you do not want to grind them up. They are sticky and greasy from the concentrated oil, and this will clog up your grinder. It is best to just break up the nuggets into smaller parts by hand. Most users have found that scissors work best for cutting up big moon rocks into smaller pieces.

How powerful are moon rocks?

The moon rock experience can be an intense one. Because they are made by combining so many cannabis forms, of course, the intensity of the high will be stronger. When smoking traditional flowers, whether you use a bowl, pipe, or roll a joint, you can expect to only be consuming about 20% THC. Moon rocks provide a potency of around 50% THC, and many times that number is just an estimate, due to the varying potency of all the other ingredients used to make them.

Moon rocks are strongly recommended for only the most stoney-est of stoners. Unless you are someone who smokes cannabis often and has a high tolerance, this high might be too strong for some.

Benefits of moon rocks

The overall benefits that come from using this form of marijuana are really no different from the benefits of marijuana in general. Moon rocks may be hard-hitting, but when dosed correctly, they can still help users relax, reduce anxiety and inflammation, control pain, fight appetite loss from certain medications, and treat epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, nausea, and other ailments.

The usual roundup of positive side effects one may get from smoking regular flower can be achieved through moon rocks just the same. Their main draw is being a lot stronger, so you can potentially use less product to get the same amount of relief that any other form may bring.

Side effects and potential risks

If smoking moon rocks sounds like your ideal experience, make sure to take time to understand the possible risks and outcomes before adventuring into the unknown. These are potent little rocks, so proceed with caution. Some reported side effects are those similar to smoking any kind of cannabis.

They include:

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • increased heart rate
  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • sleepiness
  • headaches
  • dry mouth
  • impaired memory
  • dry, red eyes
  • cough or other respiratory issues
  • extreme hunger (aka the munchies)

It may be wise to make sure you have completed everything you mean to get done before you smoke moon rocks, since the effects may leave you down for the count. If you plan on doing something important after you smoke, even if it is the next day, avoid smoking moon rocks. Your future self will thank you. Some users have reported being high for several hours, including into the next day.

Tips for safety and best use

First-time users should as always, start light. You can always smoke more if you feel you want to get higher. The last thing you want is to feel too high and get the spins. Eating beforehand can be a good way to avoid nausea on the chance this does happen. From the beginners to the initiated, these other tips can help you make the best of your time with moon rocks.

Pick the perfect environment

It is best to smoke moon rocks in a place that will be comfortable for you. Choose somewhere that makes you feel at ease, and ideally where you can sit or lie down. A raging house party may not be the place for this space adventure. You will want to just chill out with yourself or whoever you are with, maybe listening to music or watching one of your favorite shows. The high from moon rocks can also be pretty intense, so if you do get any of the previously mentioned negative side effects, a place with a cozy bed or couch to help you relax will be ideal.

Smoke slow

Moon rocks are known for being a slow burn. There are some immediate effects, but typically it takes about 30 minutes to fully feel the high. After that point, you may remain high for several hours (including into the next day!) To avoid getting too high on your moon rocks and ruining your experience, start with a low dose to see how you handle it. Break up a small amount of moon rocks into your glass or bowl at first, or even sprinkle some over regular flower for a little extra kick. Once you have a decent grasp on how you feel on moon rocks, you can adjust things from there.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Reports of cottonmouth are common in moon rock territory, but this side effect has an easy fix. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after smoking moon rocks will help with a dry mouth. Keep a water bottle or glass nearby to easily remember to take sips from it. And if you really want to be prepared, keep a whole gallon within arms reach in case a walk to the nearest sink for refills seems like too much once the high kicks in.

What are the similarities and differences between Moon Rocks and Moon Rock Weed?

Moon rocks and moon rock weed may share a name, but they are quite different. Moon rocks are actual rocks collected from the moon, while moon rock weed is a potent cannabis product. Interestingly, moon rock weed is made by covering cannabis buds with hash oil and rolling them in kief.

Where to buy moon rocks and how much they cost

Being such an efficient way to get extremely high, cannabis culture has quickly made moon rocks a popular choice. Many dispensaries carry moon rocks to purchase if you do not have all the ingredients (or patience) on hand to make your own.

Early on, these luxury rocks could be found for up to $1,400 an ounce. As the legal market has increased, however, the price has dropped significantly, to a humble $25-$35 per gram window. These prices can vary on location and availability of course, but for a product known as cannabis caviar, that range is not so bad.

Final notes

The long-term effects of high-THC products and marijuana on the brain have yet to be studied in depth. Researchers do not yet know how regular use of cannabis can impact the mental and physical health of humans. Smoke and second-hand smoke can contain toxins that irritate the lungs. If you are pregnant, cannabis use can increase your risk for birth complications. Keep in mind these general risks when using any cannabis products.

While many states have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, it is still illegal in others. Check the laws in your specific area to be sure of your limitations. If you live in a legal state and have more questions about moon rocks, a dispensary will have you covered. They can help you choose the potency and product right for you.

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