Cannabis has been legal for recreational adult use in Arizona since 2020, and medical marijuana has been legal since 2010 for qualified patients and caregivers. The result has been a thriving cannabis industry that continues to push the limits of legal weed markets, cultivation, and overall industry culture.

As legalization becomes more predominant in the United States, we have begun to see the revenue potential of the cannabis industry.  Current and projected trends show that by 2030, the American marijuana industry will grow by 100 billion dollars.

Which Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Mesa, AZ also cater to customers near Phoenix?

Looking for top Phoenix dispensaries near me in Mesa, AZ? Several medical marijuana dispensaries in Mesa serve customers near Phoenix, offering a wide range of cannabis products to cater to your needs. Whether you’re seeking flower, edibles, concentrates, or other products, these dispensaries have you covered.

Top 7 List of Marijuana Dispensaries in Mesa, AZ

Here we have the top seven cannabis dispensary leaders for medical and recreational customers in your current location of Mesa, Arizona.

Territory Marijuana Dispensary

Territory Dispensary Mesa offers high-quality cannabis products, including tinctures, topicals, extracts, flowers, infusions, etc. This Mesa, AZ dispensary carries several trusted names in marijuana, including their sister brands, Vital and Hi-Klas.

They are committed to creating a safe and comfortable shopping experience and strive to take inspiration from years of helping medical marijuana patients and apply it to the new adult-use community. You can expect impeccable customer service from a knowledgeable and experienced team when visiting this marijuana dispensary. Part of its mission in the cannabis space is to eliminate the stigma associated with cannabis and the people who use it. Hence, they make it a point to train their budtenders to be some of the most educated, compassionate, dedicated professionals in the legal cannabis industry.

Best Dispensary

From seed to sale, Best Dispensary is dedicated to making your experience the best. They are a luxury cannabis retail store headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, with gorgeous marble interiors and a luxe product display room. This dispensary has an educated staff, excellent customer service, and onsite cultivation. The Best Dispensary team is comprised of people with backgrounds in biochemistry, science, business management, and microbiology.

Health for Life

Health For Life Mesa believes the medicinal and holistic advantages of cannabis are undeniable, so they have made it their mission to educate and empower medical cannabis patients. From top-quality products and highly knowledgeable Patient Consultants to a safe and inviting atmosphere, the main goal is to provide customers with an informative and unforgettable experience.

They have Arizona dispensaries that are located in Cave Creek and Mesa. You can find the Cave Creek dispensary east of Cave Creek Rd, near the Reach 11 Sports Complex. You can find the Mesa, AZ dispensary located on the southwest corner of Crismon Rd and Main St near Apache Junction. They have minimum age requirements and also offer a Veteran’s discount.

Green Pharms

Green Pharms is a deli-style cannabis dispensary conveniently located in Mesa, AZ, that promises to weigh your medicine right in front of you. Whether you are a first-time patient or a seasoned regular, every customer receives impressive service from their knowledgeable team.

From the beginning of the legal industry in Arizona, GreenPharms has set out to be the standard for quality dispensaries. GreenPharms brings in new harvests of marijuana straight from their cultivation site, only being handled and packaged once, just once after curing and trimming, before hitting the shelves.

The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop is a multi-state cannabis operator focused on curating the most prominent flower selection in the state of Arizona. They commit to providing customers with artisan and craft cannabis products to meet diverse needs. Its mission is to provide a robust selection of clean cannabis products that improve our customer’s health and well-being.‍

In addition, The Flower Shop is proud to deliver premium cannabis products at competitive pricing that our customers can trust and quality that we stand behind. The budtenders are known for their comprehensive product knowledge, including varieties of strains, terpenes, cannabinoids, dosage, and delivery methods to ensure each customer’s questions are answered.

Mint Dispensary

The Mint Dispensary is a recreational and MMJ dispensary Mesa, AZ. The Mint Dispensary’s high-quality product and knowledgeable staff provide a welcoming experience for new users to experienced smokers by offering a state-of-the-art facility with convenient patient services. Mint Cannabis also has an on-site cannabis products manufacturing and extraction laboratory with registered trademarks.

Mint Cannabis is dedicated to growth and expansion by pursuing continued research and innovative development to create greater awareness and demand for cannabis-based products. Their company is founded on embracing, empowering, educating, and employing the surrounding community.


truBLISS is an Arizona-regulated licensed medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in the Gilbert area of Mesa, Arizona, that offers various organically grown and produced cannabis and hemp products ranging from traditional cannabis, edibles, and topicals. Unlike many other dispensaries, we commit to showcasing organically grown and chemical-free manufactured medical-grade marijuana products and organic delivery systems that are additive and pesticide-free.

truBliss boasts that they are bringing a revolutionary vision to dispensing cannabis with a mission to elevate the patient’s experience with quality organic cannabis at competitive prices. Our goal is to educate consumers about CBDs, terpenes, THC, etc.

Stop by their medical and recreational marijuana dispensary and check out over one hundred Buds, Concentrates, CBD, Topicals, Vape, Oil, and other products. They are located in East Mesa between Warner and Elliot on the east side of Power in the Gateway Norte Parkway Complex, across the street from Gilbert, AZ, city line.

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We offer a site map with all of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in legal states and promise to connect you to medical marijuana doctors or recreational use quality products in your current location.

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