Cannabis has been legal for recreational adult use in Arizona since 2020, and medical marijuana has been legal since 2010 for qualified patients and caregivers. The result has been a thriving cannabis industry that continues to push the limits of legal weed markets, cultivation, and overall industry culture.

As legalization becomes more predominant in the United States, we have begun to see the revenue potential of the cannabis industry.  Current and projected trends show that by 2030, the American marijuana industry will grow by 100 billion dollars. As more states begin their own legalization initiative programs, we’ll be sure to see those numbers increase even more.

  • 1922: Cannabis was banned due to the federal prohibition
  • 2010: After failed attempts, Arizona’s Proposition 203 passed to legalize medical cannabis
  • 2020: Proposition 207 or The Safe and Smart Act was passed by Arizona voters and recreational marijuana became legalized; minor possession became decriminalized
  • 2021: The first dispensary opened, and retail sales of marijuana began

Can I find these cannabis strains at the dispensaries near Phoenix, AZ?

Looking for the best cannabis edibles strains at dispensaries near Phoenix, AZ? With the growing popularity of cannabis products, many dispensaries in the area offer a variety of high-quality edibles. Check out the local dispensaries to find the best cannabis edibles strains that suit your preferences.

Top 8 List of Marijuana Dispensaries in Phoenix Arizona

Here we have the top eight cannabis dispensary leaders for medical and recreational use in your current location of Phoenix, Arizona.

Emerald Dispensary

Emerald Dispensary is located on Dunlap Ave near Takamatsu Restaurant and Waterbed City. They proudly serve the medical cannabis communities surrounding Phoenix, which serves as the capital of Arizona and is the sixth most populated city in the U.S.

Emerald Phoenix is dedicated to providing excellent patient care for Phoenix’s medical marijuana community. They carry over a hundred quality products and even have cannabis strains exclusive to Emerald Dispensary. Their collection of top-shelf Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains include Wonder Woman, Cookie Monster, Jedi Kush, Shark Shock, Durban Poison, Ghost Train Haze, Tangilope, White Buffalo, and Caramel Ice. They offer a complimentary service once a month that allows marijuana patients to consult with a doctor during their office hours.

Those who prefer edibles can choose from various cannabis-infused chocolates, drinks, and other sweet treats from your favorite brands. Patients looking for topical relief can browse through their vast selection of balms and lotions. In addition, Emerald dispensary carries registered trademarks for vape cartridges designed for medical cannabis patients on the go.

Each budtender must complete a training program on ways to educate their patient care team about the types of quality products, cannabinoids, and terpenes and are always available by phone, email, social media, and through their website to answer questions.


Curaleaf is one of the top cannabis retailers in Phoenix with thirteen dispensaries total in Arizona, and six of them are in the Phoenix area. They also offer 24/7 online ordering services on their website which can be picked up at the dispensary the same day. Curaleaf offers a wide selection of industry favorite products, free delivery options for medical patients, as well as daily discounts on cannabis products that include recreational flower, pre-rolls, live resin concentrates, vape carts, and more.

Nirvana Center

Nirvana Center of Apache Junction is a family-owned and operated shop founded in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. Its mission is to provide patients with an authentic experience of wellness and peace. We believe in establishing personalized and individual relationships with our patients to diagnose better, treat, and serve. At Nirvana Center Dispensaries, they are committed to providing high-quality products and educating customers with a staff well-versed in weed product knowledge and consumption methods.

Nirvana Center Dispensaries offer an extensive menu and variety of medicinal-grade cannabis products, such as:

  • Flower
  • Edibles
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals

Mint Cannabis

The Mint Dispensary is a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona, located in North Phoenix on Bell Rd and Cave Creek. The Mint Dispensary’s high-quality product and knowledgeable staff provide a welcoming experience for new users to experienced smokers by offering a state-of-the-art facility with convenient patient services. Mint Cannabis also has an on-site cannabis product manufacturing and extraction laboratory.

Mint Cannabis is dedicated to growth and expansion by pursuing continued research and innovative development to create greater awareness and demand for cannabis-based products. Their company is founded on embracing, empowering, educating, and employing the surrounding community.

Bloom Dispensary

Bloom strives to set a high standard for Arizona’s medical marijuana program through its four dispensaries serving Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, and Peoria patients.

They offer a safe and comfortable healing atmosphere that focuses on answering questions and empowering people with the knowledge they deserve through compassion, professionalism, and first-class service.

Bloom is a “seed to sale” operation, cultivating cannabis buds to ensure patients receive the highest quality product. In addition to serving its customers, Bloom strives to become an integral part of every community they operate in through community service, volunteer work, and fund-raising efforts to support local causes.

MUV Dispensary

MÜV Dispensary Phoenix believes in the healing power of cannabis and its various compounds and its potential to improve the quality of life of those who use it. Its mission is to produce, source, and provide the best medical and recreational marijuana products for Arizonans.

At MÜV, they believe innovation is key to suiting all marijuana user preferences. With formulated cutting-edge technology designs that delivered fast, discreet, and effective cannabinoids transdermally and perfected the art of ethanol extraction to provide artisanal products in multiple categories, they are quickly becoming leaders in the industry.

Each MÜV BudTender receives extensive training on all cannabis products, including special training sessions for product releases, to help identify the best items for your specific needs. Whether visiting for medical or recreational marijuana needs, MÜV is dedicated to providing you with a quality experience when you walk into the dispensary.

Sunny Side

Sunnyside is the first national retail dispensary of Cresco Labs, whose mission is to normalize, professionalize and revolutionize cannabis. Cresco Labs is a national cannabis company operating in several states, focusing on giving people access to consistent cannabis dispensaries that can help improve their lives.

Sunnyside has a mission to shed light on the enormous world of cannabis. They believe that the cannabis plant holds the potential to help relieve chronic medical issues and be a part of one’s everyday wellness routine.

Purchases from Sunnyside help support the SEED initiative, which ensures that everyone can obtain the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to work in and own businesses in this industry. SEED collaborates with universities to develop a cannabis-focused curriculum and works with local agencies and community organizations to sponsor expungement events.

Nature’s Medicine

This dispensary promises to connect customers with the therapeutic benefits of natural products. As true believers in the restorative powers of cannabis, their mission is to turn you into a believer too.

Nature’s Medicine Dispensary‘s main objective is to inspire and educate you on your self-care journey. Their staff includes highly trained, innately thoughtful patient service providers committed to helping you make conscious choices about your health and well-being. They’ll ask you the most relevant questions for your self-care goals and listen carefully before making recommendations.

Nature’s Medicine cultivation experts are committed to sustainable, unique farming practices. They’ve developed a unique growing environment that’s finely tuned to nurture the highest THC levels without harmful chemical treatments.

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