If you’re at the beginning of your cannabis journey, it’s likely that you haven’t even purchased any by yourself. Luckily today, your chances of living in a legal state are higher than it’s ever been. However, while dispensaries and delivery services are often very helpful at guiding your purchase, you may want to know how much you want to buy before you get there. It also is good to know if you’re looking to share or split up cannabis among friends or family members.

Cannabis quantities might seem confusing at first, but really it’s simple math! Plus, once you find the quantity that works for you, chances are you’ll get the same amount next time. For reference, these quantities that we’re talking about are really just a visual approximation. Every nug is different, and has a different density, meaning two nugs that appear the same may have varying masses.

Cheat Sheet

Before we walk through the quantities here’s a quick cheat sheet:

1 ounce = 28.3 grams

1/2 ounce = 14 grams

1/4 ounce = 7 grams

1/8 ounce = 3.5 grams

What does a gram of weed look like


One gram of weed is the smallest measurable unit of bud and probably only for personal use. Chances are, you can’t even buy a gram on it’s own because it’s such a small quantity. One gram is the amount that a roommate or friend may lend you to pack a few bowls or roll a blunt with.


Two grams, or a “dub” is the next step up. The name may also come from the amount of money needed to purchase this amount, $20. A dub looks like a few nugs, but really isn’t a large quantity of cannabis flower. With a dub you may be able to roll a few joints, and comfortably share with a couple friends for a sesh.

Eighth Ounce

One eighth is among the most common quantities to buy. At three and half grams, an eighth is enough to last several sessions over the course of days. As you’ll learn later, an ounce is 28 grams, so 28/8 = 3.5. See, math! Visually an eighth looks like 4-5 solid nugs and could be stored in a small jar. You should be able to get an eighth for anywhere from $25-$50 depending on quality and where you purchase it.

Quarter Ounce

One quarter ounce is seven grams or two eighths. It always depends on how frequently you smoke, but a quarter ounce of weed could last weeks, especially if smoked conservatively. Visually, quarters will look like two eighths and could last at least a month or more. Again, this will vary depending on habits and behavior.

Half Ounce

Half an ounce or a half O is the equivalent of fourteen grams. If you live with other weed enthusiasts, this could be a very cost-effective quantity to purchase. As you begin to purchase in bigger quantities, you’ll see that the cost will go down per gram. On the other hand, buying one gram at a time will cost you if you’re a frequent smoker. Not to mention you’ll be paying the dispensary several visits a week.


A full ounce of weed or 28 grams is probably the largest quantity you’ll be buying. Let’s call this, the family size. Again, a cost-effective method could be to buy one ounce for an entire household or friend group and distribute it evenly. This is where a scale could come in handy in order to weigh the quantities precisely. Trying to eyeball the amount could also work if you don’t have a scale, but is also a recipe for arguments. Different amounts can look deceiving, especially if the nugs are especially dense. Overall, buying in bulk is a great way to keep cannabis costs down, even if it involves the extra work of weighing it out.

What Does a Nug of Weed Typically Weigh?

When trying to learn about weed nugs, it’s important to understand the typical weight of a nug. A standard nug of weed usually weighs around 1 gram, but it can vary anywhere from 0.5 grams to 1.5 grams. The weight of a nug depends on factors like strain, density, and moisture content.

Slang Terms

Like with any drug community, the world of cannabis is filled with slang terms, especially when speaking about quantities. Let’s run through some of them.

Dime Bag

A dime bag is short for 1 gram of weed. This may be because grams go for around 10 dollars. Unfortunately, it’s not worth an actual dime.

Dub Sack

A dub sack as mentioned before is slang for 2 grams.


Also known as a half quarter, or an eif.


A quarter ounce is often called a q or quad. Not to be confused with qwop, which would indicate a quarter pound.


Exactly what it sounds like. Half an ounce or half O.


An ounce can also go by ‘O’ or ‘zip’. This may refer to the fact that an ounce would fill an entire Ziploc bag.


In the beginning, cannabis quantities can seem elaborate and confusing. Legal cannabis has made navigating this easier, but it’s still good to understand in practical terms regardless. Overall, dried cannabis can be deceiving if you’re just trying to eyeball how many grams you think it is, so always weigh it if you need to. In addition, depending on the particular strain, certain marijuana quantities will last shorter or longer. You may find yourself blowing through cheaper, less potent strains while high roller strains could keep you occupied for weeks.

As mentioned earlier, buying in larger quantities will ensure you save money as the average price per gram will go down. Any frequenter of big box stores will understand this phenomenon. But remember, when buying larger quantities, consume cannabis with discretion. Just because you have a lot, doesn’t mean you should smoke it all at once! The best way to combat this and keep your bud fresh is to store them securely in glass jars. If you have a scale, you can even measure out precise quantities based on your usage. It’s all in your hands.

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