There are so many options to consider when it comes to weed consumption. While hand-rolling can be challenging for novice users, high-quality rolling papers are necessary if you’re trying to learn or are an experienced roller. Some brands even offer their own rolling apparatus. Let’s discuss the top rolling papers of 2022.

Rolling Paper 101

Weed rolling paper is a fast, easy way for new users to dive into the world of smoking cannabis. They are an excellent alternative for people looking to smoke without the risk of ingesting dangerous chemicals. Many papers will also come with a separate filter option for clean, tobacco-free smoke every time.


Rolling papers come in many sizes. The larger or broader the rolling paper, the more ground weed you’ll need to roll a joint. It would be best if you also noticed how thick the rolling papers are, influencing how quickly your joint will smoke up. Thinner papers allow more airflow but provide a slower burn after rolling joints.

Here’s a look at the dimensions for six of the most popular sizes:
  • Single (68-70mm long, 34-36mm wide)
  • 1 1/4″ (76-78mm long, 45-48mm wide)
  • 1 1/2″ (76-78mm long, 60-62mm wide)
  • Double (76-78mm long, 63-88mm wide)
  • King Slim (105-110mm long, 42-46mm wide)
  • King (100-110mm long, 55-60mm wide)


Flavored rolling papers can make your weed even tastier while smoking. For example, Juicy Jay’s come in various delicious flavors.
However, everyone doesn’t want their joints to contain any flavor additives, so the best rolling papers would be flavor-free for them. If you’re looking for an organic experience, RAW brands is the way to go.


Your rolling paper materials play a crucial role in how your joint will taste, how fast or slow it will burn, and how difficult it is to roll.

It’s essential to avoid toxic bleached papers containing calcium carbonate or chlorine. Thick, white paper products are a sure sign that you should change paper brands. The most predominant classic rolling papers are hemp, wood pulp, or rice.

The Benefits of Using Joint Papers

  • Typically, rolling papers and their accessories are inexpensive.
  • They offer you control over your personal smoking experience.
  • They are quick to roll and discreet to carry around 
  • You can choose all-natural vs. flavored rolling papers, and from a range of sizes. 

How Can I Make Better Joints Using Rolling Papers?

When it comes to making better joints using rolling papers, one way to step up your game is by mastering the art of creating a cross joint. This unique technique involves rolling two joints together to form a cross shape, allowing for a larger, more consistent burn. Learn some hilarious facts about cross joint to impress your friends at the next smoke sesh.

Top 10 Best Rolling Papers of 2022

Here, we have ten brands that are leading the cannabis industry in rolling paper and joint accessories.

RAW Rolling Papers

Hemp papers are quickly becoming a cannabis industry favorite from RAW. Hemp is natural and environmentally sustainable, with an excellent, subtle flavor profile. RAW’s organic hemp papers come in regular and king-size. Their rolling paper packs also come with filter tips; you can even purchase a RAW rolling machine for under five dollars to help out.

Expertly manufactured from unrefined, pure hemp without additives– RAW Organic Hemp Paper is made using purified water to give them a natural look and a slow burn. The RAW brand prides itself on using organic ingredients with zero plastic use and offers the best hemp rolling papers on the market.

Elements Rice Rolling Papers

Rice paper is well-known for its neutral flavor and clean smoke, making it ideal for cannabis users. Rice paper produces very little ash, providing a sweet and slower cannabis burn that you can enjoy.

Elements papers combines the earth, wind, fire, and water to craft eco-friendly, ultra-thin rice papers. Their cannabis products are created using wind power from the mountains of a Spanish region named Alcoy and are realistically the best rice rolling papers available.

Elements weed rolling papers are crafted from all-natural, sustainable materials. When smoked, they produce a faint, sweet flavor and offer an even, smooth burn. 

Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Zig Zag is a French rolling paper company and also the leading rolling paper manufacturer in the world. They have been an industry leader within the cannabis community for years.

Dr. Dre using the Zig-Zag logo as the cover of his album “The Chronic” and Ice Cube used the brand in the film “Friday.” Needless to say, this rolling paper brand is world famous. Zig-Zag also carries an assortment of hemp papers for those that are looking for a natural smoking experience.

Juicy Jay Papers

Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are arguably the best flavored rolling papers within the cannabis rolling paper industry. These rolling papers have been infused with over thirty flavors to give smokers a variety of flavorful experiences.

The manufacturer uses a three-flavoring process so that the papers fully absorb the flavors, which helps them retain their intense flavors over a long period. Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are made of hemp, raw sugar gum, and organic soy ink.

OCB Bamboo Slim Rolling Papers

The king-size version of OCB rolling papers comes with a filter tip, but can be difficult to roll because they are extremely thin. OCB rolling papers are made of thin, wood pulp, and are very durable. The burn is slow and even.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

These luxurious king-sized rolling papers are sure to be a hit. They’re made of hemp paper coated in edible 24K gold. The Shine papers make for an easy rolling experience and a fun time!

Canna Wraps

Canna Wraps offers rolling paper alternatives in the form of wraps. Canna Wraps are quickly becoming one of the most popular joint rolling papers in the industry. They offer a friendly, even smoke that burns slowly, allowing you to enjoy each hit. Canna Wraps are the way to go if you’d like to try something new.

Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers

Vibes Papers are high-quality papers made in France. They use a premium organic hemp blend and rice paper. Vibes papers truly complement the taste of your weed and provide a clean smoke.

Vibes Papers deliver a slow, even burn that preserves your weed, making it an enjoyable time for everyone. These papers come in hemp, rice, ultra-thin, and organic varieties.

Aleda Transparent Papers

Aleda rolling papers are thin, transparent papers from Brazil. They obtain their unique transparency from biodegradable cellulose, unlike other brands that use chemicals to achieve this aesthetic. Aleda rolling papers are safe, tasteless, and sure to offer the natural flavors of your cannabis during use.

Randy’s Papers

Randy’s Hemp Rolling Papers are excellent for beginners. It comes with a built-in roach clip as you’re smoking. This metal clip also makes them sturdier and easier to roll. Randy’s uses a combination of wood pulp and hemp for their papers.

Wrapping It Up

While there are many more rolling paper brands out there, we hope you enjoyed our carefully curated list of the top rolling papers of 2022. Now that you know how to compare and contrast materials, flavors, and size, take a ride to your local dispensary to pick up one of the best joint papers on our list.

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