Whether you’re a novice cannabis user, a weed entrepreneur, or interested in cultivation, social media can help to connect cannabis fans with like-minded individuals and companies within the cannabis space. 

Continue reading to learn more about cannabis-friendly apps, forums, and 420 social networking in 2022. 

What is Social Media?

In case you’ve been away on a deserted island for the past decade, let’s dive into the basics of social media. 

At its core, social media is an internet-based way to communicate with others across the globe.

Social media platforms allow their users to search for and share information, chat with friends and family, meet new people, join new groups, and create unique web content.

There are several common types of social media, including blogs, wikis, social networking sites, photo, and video-sharing sites, direct messaging, and podcasts.

Are there benefits to using social media? 

Absolutely! People worldwide utilize social media to share information and connect with others. Social media allows you to communicate with friends and family, learn new things, develop your interests, and be entertained on an individual level.

In the business world, cannabis business owners can use social media to learn about a particular field and build a network by connecting with professionals in their current or desired industry.

Social media provides an opportunity to converse with your followers, gain customer feedback, and expand your reach through social media marketing capabilities.

What about the risks?

Social media is expanding at an exponential rate. With this growth come many benefits; however, there are also increasing risks. If you pursue a career in the cannabis industry, it’s essential to understand social media users’ personal and organizational risks.

Social media risks can be a significant issue for personal and professional use of social media.

The following risks are shared among social media users:
  • Loss of productivity
  • Cyberbullying or stalking
  • Identity Theft
  • Social Information burnout or dependence
  • Hackers, Security Issues
  • Service interruptions
  • Potential violation of legal boundaries
  • Malware
  • Unauthorized access to a business social account
  • Unreliable user-generated comments and tags
  • Distorted view of consumer base due to algorithm issues

What are the top social media apps of 2022?

Here, we’ll discuss the top eight social media platforms in the United States, what they are, how they are used, and whether or not they are cannabis-friendly. 


Facebook, currently known as Meta, is one of the worst social media platforms for networking and advertising in the cannabis world.

The constant addition of new (not always practical) features, the content censoring, and the confusing mixture of personal and professional connections makes it a bit old school for the creative and eccentric weed space.

On Facebook, you won’t be allowed to discuss cannabis brands or legalization without the risk of personal connections seeing the content or censorship due to federal prohibition. 


LinkedIn is the weed-friendliest of the major social media platforms, and they don’t censor content. LinkedIn is also the most prominent business database out there.

Some of the opportunities available on this site include:
  • Share the latest cannabis industry news, ideas, and information. 
  • Highlight employee successes and company news
  • Encourage engagement through likes and comments.
  • Utilize your 100-page invites monthly to expand your page’s audience


As Instagram has become more popular, its user functionality has improved significantly. On this platform, you can manage up to five accounts.

So, in theory, you could have a personal page, a business page for cannabis-related companies, or an anonymous account for learning about the cannabis industry and still have room to grow.

Instagram offers a way for marijuana lovers and other cannabis fans to learn about cannabis strains, watch stoner recipe videos, and view posts from local cannabis retailers, so you never miss deals on your favorite cannabis products.

Thanks to the app’s hashtags, users can find their particular niche and explore that field in great detail.

Since Instagram is a photo-centric app, it is a perfect platform for growers and glass artists to openly post content without censoring, as long as it’s marked as adult (18 and over) content.


Despite the age controls, there are all kinds of content on Tik Tok, including content for adults who are cannabis enthusiasts.

One of the most popular videos is users lip-syncing to Marijuana, the hit song by Cheech and Chong. There are thousands of uploads for this specific song on the app.

There’s also a commonly used hashtag, #hitsblunt. When searching for content using this hashtag, users will share hilarious thoughts or actions they did or witnessed while high. It makes for some funny content. 

Doctors have even turned to Tik Tok to help educate younger audiences about weed-related health matters. The uber-famous platform can be a valuable marketing platform for cannabis and CBD companies and it’s available at the Google store and Apple app store.


Text-based rather than imaged-based, Twitter provides a valuable platform for cannabis consumers and business owners in the cannabis industry.

Recent news has suggested that Elon Musk plans to purchase a controlling stake in the company to maintain the site’s reputation for free speech.

We recommend establishing a separate business account and a second account geared towards cannabis-related discussion to ensure you can share your thoughts without prying eyes from your personal life. 


You’re sure to have heard of Reddit and its reputation for being a digital environment free of social media marketing and promotions with information sharing at the forefront.

Established in America but now used across the globe, Reddit acts as a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

How it works is incredibly straightforward: Registered members submit links, text posts, images, and videos, which other members then vote up or down. User-created boards called “communities” or “subreddits” contain the posts and organize them by subject.

Submissions with the most upvotes appear towards the top of their subreddit and eventually on the front page with enough positive votes.

Reddit administrators and community-specific moderators regulate the discussions. Multiple subreddits are offering a wide variety of cannabis content daily.


Youtube is a social media platform that isn’t known for being friendly to weed-related content, with some creators in the space finding channels suspended or demonetized, often without caution. While YouTube eased up on some of its restrictions beginning in April.

At this time, creators in the YouTube Partner Program can earn ad revenue from content focusing on purchasing, fabrication, or drug distribution educationally.

That said, YouTube’s still keeping most of its restrictions, particularly regarding less-than-educational content. Creators cannot make clips showing or discussing abuse, buying, selling, or graphically finding drugs or paraphernalia. 

They also aren’t allowed to capitalize on videos focusing on the cannabis industry from a DIY or how-to perspective. So, a video going over the business of marijuana cultivation might be monetizable.

Still, Youtube will probably flag a video breaking down how you can start your marijuana farm. 

Are There Any 420-Friendly Social Networking Sites for Cannabis Enthusiasts?

Looking for a platform to connect with fellow cannabis enthusiasts? Explore the world of social networking sites dedicated to 420-friendly individuals. These platforms provide a space for like-minded people to share experiences, knowledge, and connect with others who appreciate the benefits of cannabis. Additionally, if you’re planning a trip, you can also find 420friendly Airbnb options, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment during your travels.

Top 7 Cannabis Social Network Platforms

Suppose you’re more interested in seeking information solely about the cannabis industry or networking with weed-friendly people.

In that case, you may find success through one of these top seven marijuana networking platforms below. 

GrassCity Forum

The Grasscity forums are among the longest-standing social media communities dedicated to cannabis. This platform is a prevalent marijuana-growing forum where users can discuss how to grow and read grow guides. 

It has now expanded into one of the largest marijuana social forums online; let’s call it the Reddit of weed. They have several different forums where you can chat with other marijuana fans about cultivation, smoking, legalization, and popular brands. 


WeedLife Network was established in 2013. With a vast network of more than forty websites, it’s a global cannabis community worth keeping in mind for marijuana enthusiasts.

WeedLife allows you to see the latest from marijuana businesses through the news feed, view videos, and photos, and connect with others in cannabis-related discussion forums. 

WeedLife provides social networking primarily for consumers, but increasing numbers of businesses show up because that’s where the customers are. The website and app are user-friendly, allowing cannabis users to connect and locate dispensaries when traveling.


Weedable is a mobile app that lets cannabis users build an online profile and connect with other weed enthusiasts. You can quickly build positive relationships with the consumer because it allows social users to follow their favorite brands.

The smartphone app also provides the latest news on the marijuana culture and has a user-friendly section to search for cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and seeds. 


Bud Hubz is a cannabis business social network that helps you meet new people, find friendly accommodations, locate a headshop, and even search for a medical marijuana doctor nearby. Bud Hubz is a platform that is free and easy to use. 

The app offers fantastic benefits to cannabis businesses and cannabis lovers everywhere. For instance, a user can choose a travel destination and connect with cannabis users who live in that area.

You’re also able to use their discussion forum to teach people about your brand and the legal use of marijuana.


Duby is now the most significant online community dedicated to cannabis connoisseurs. You’ll need to download their available app to sign up for this platform.

While you aren’t able to create an account online, you can instantly start connecting with people once you have the application. 

With Duby, users can view trending videos and stories, similar to Instagram. 

You can browse photos and users and customize what you see with the pass and put out options. As a newer company, they still have work to do, but it seems to be moving upward in the world of cannabis social networks.


LeafWire is an up-and-coming cannabis social media network. It is often referred to as the LinkedIn of the marijuana industry. LeafWire offers impressive market data, processes, plans, and the latest news.

It also provides information about cannabis companies and their products. This $25 billion market offers many opportunities for a cannabis business that is seeking buyers and the other way around.

Mass Roots

MassRoots is the first cannabis-related social network created to link college students. Students that use cannabis can connect with others and search for trustworthy dispensaries near campus.

They quickly set a new bar regarding marketing tactics for cannabis manufacturers and retailers. 

Rather than urging user feedback through discussion boards, their unique platform encourages users to rate items and write detailed reviews.

In addition, to encourage people to engage often, it has a loyalty program that offers movie tickets, concert tickets, and festival passes.

How to Know Which Platform is Right for You

With new social media sites popping up each year, choosing which one is right for you or your business can be overwhelming.

As a cannabis enthusiast, it’s essential to understand how they work and which ones could help you reach individual or company-wide aspirations. However, not all social media sites will prove conducive to your brand or marketing goals.

Before launching a cannabis business account, we recommend using cannabis business social networks on a personal level first. Try creating an account for yourself, and explore how other individuals and companies use social media. Then decide how you can fit in and thrive in this space.

Instead of opening multiple social media accounts, focus on one or two platforms that allow you to connect with your desired audience and businesses.

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