Marijuana wax has been gaining popularity in the U.S. cannabis market over the last few years. Whether you are looking for a potent medical remedy or a more intense recreational cannabis high, wax makes an excellent addition to the cannabis experience.

Marijuana Wax basics

Marijuana wax results from a process known as extraction, which involves THC from a marijuana plant being packed together into a substance that is as close as possible to pure THC. Depending on this method, the concentrate can vary in texture and potency but is most often thick, sticky, and light yellow to amber in color.

Cannabis wax can contain up to ninety percent THC cannabinoids and offer a unique experience. It is ideal if you have a severe medical condition and look for quick relief from chronic pain. Different types of wax each have their benefits and risks depending on personal preference, so we recommend trying each to find what is right for you.

How is wax made?

Weed wax is essentially created by blasting the cannabis plant material, including marijuana leaves, with butane or isopropyl alcohol and extracting the THC into a highly-concentrated resin. This concentrate is then collected and distributed for a life-changing high.

The finished product typically has an ear wax or sticky consistency that people can use in various ways. Some cannabis users report that it produces the most intense high possible, especially for newbies. Making wax is a somewhat complicated process that requires knowledge of technical chemistry principles. While Leafy Mate does not recommend making your own, it is technically possible with the proper research and ability.

Butane hash oil (BHO)

Butane hash oil or butane honey oil can be used to extract THC wax. In this method, butane gas is used as a solvent for extracting THC cannabinoids and terpenes from marijuana buds and trimmings. Butane extraction is unstable and highly flammable, so the potential for butane explosions makes DIY extraction dangerous.

Isopropyl alcohol

For the isopropyl alcohol extraction method, the cannabis buds are first soaked in the alcohol for some time and then drained into an airtight container. The liquid from the wet mixture is heated at an extremely high temperature until most of the alcohol evaporates and high-quality wax is produced.

Who typically uses cannabis wax?

Dabbing is a popular form of marijuana use for young adults and even high school students due to the higher concentration of THC and its discreet smell. It’s extremely important to note that serious problems can occur when marijuana concentrate is abused. For young people, it can even be a gateway drug leading to stronger substance use. But, all in all, it’s a safe, effective, and commonly used form of smoking marijuana wax.

Potential health benefits

Potency is a common benefit for those choosing cannabis wax. Highly concentrated marijuana wax will possess little to no traces of butane and a vast quantity of THC. Since dabbing weed wax with a rig vaporizes it, this consumption method may best reduce lung damage due to the high temperatures used while combusting. 

The onset of the high from a dab is intense and fast-acting, making it an ideal candidate for health conditions like:

  • chronic pain relief
  • insomnia
  • appetite issues
  • anxiety 
  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • epilepsy
  • mood disorders

What are concentrates called at the dispensary?

Cannabis concentrates go by several different names at dispensaries, including dabs, budder, badder, crumble, black glass, and shatter.

Consumption Methods

Cannabis wax can be consumed in many different ways, but the two most popular are dabbing and vaping marijuana concentrates.

Dab and Oil Rig

The most typical method of consuming wax is using a dab rig, a water bong with a nail attached to it. A nail is essentially a bong attachment with titanium, ceramic, or quartz used as a surface to burn and then smoke wax. A blow torch can be utilized to heat the surface, after which the resin is dabbed onto it and inhaled through the bong. This process can be extremely dangerous due to a blow torch and the high temperatures involved.


THC concentrates are also commonly consumed through vaporizers. Most vaporizers have coils that burn to the proper temperatures for smoking wax, eliminating the potential dangers of using extremely high temperatures. Using wax in a vape is simple, effective, quick, and a way to consume the most potent THC content. Many young people turn to vape cannabis products for their lowkey nature and organic flavor profile.

Can You Overdose on Dabs?

It is possible to overdose on marijuana wax, but it is not typically long-lasting or fatal. Medical reviewers will need further research to determine the exact harmful effects of dabbing and how likely a person is to overdose on the highly concentrated form of THC wax.

If you do overdose on THC wax, you will probably experience a few of the following side effects:

  • Increased Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Hypotension
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Wax-induced psychosis (severe cases)
  • Withdrawal symptoms (severe cases)

Can Weed Mold Contaminate Marijuana Wax?

Identifying weed mold appearance in marijuana wax is crucial to prevent contamination. Mold can easily develop on cannabis plants, especially in high humidity conditions. Proper storage and handling can help minimize this risk. Inspecting for any abnormal texture or discoloration is a key step in ensuring the quality of marijuana wax.

Best Strains for Making Wax

  • Gorilla Glue
  • Blue Cheese
  • OG Kush
  • Lemon Citron
  • ChemDawg
  • Amnesia Haze
  • White Widow
  • Harlequin

Best dab tools on the market

Here are our top 2022 recommendations for hitting marijuana wax safely and effectively.

Vlab Halo Smart Rig

This modern, portable rig sets itself apart by offering six color choices for the glass attachment. It’s designed for easy travel and a super smooth smoking experience.  It includes three temperature settings, a 15-second heat-up time, and eight percolation holes for peak airflow. 

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo offers a luxury smoking experience at a luxury price. This rig is known for its quick, effective heating methods, durable carrying case, travel ease, and six temperature settings. The bundle comes with over eight different items, making it worth the price for many dabbers. 

Cheech and Chong’s Mini Beaker Bong

This pink and white, eight-inch mini bong has a retro feel combined with a sleek design. The Pedro rig features a showerhead diffuser.  The attached downstem makes for a cool, smooth smoke with every hit. 

Rio Makeover Portable Rig and Case

A non-electric portable dab rig. It has a built-in torch and uses high-quality quartz and glass materials to smooth burn. This bundle also comes with odor-blocking silicone plugs, a custom dab tool, and a Stache RIO carrying case for an optimal travel experience.

Grav Helix Beaker Water Pipe

GRAV is a cannabis industry leader in creating new ways to get high.  Their Helix brand of water pipes has a carefully crafted mouthpiece that allows for an evenly balanced, super smooth hit. The trusted design of the Helix Mouthpiece, combined with the masterful beaker base, makes for a near-perfect one-hitter experience for marijuana wax from start to finish. 

G Pen Roam

The Roam is designed exclusively to be a portable vaporizer for water-filtered concentrates.  It has a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, a fully sealed glass hydro tube, LED displayed temperature controls, and a quartz tank. Passthrough technology allows for the device to be used while plugged in, and all parts in connection to the vapor air path can be easily disassembled and cleaned. This oil rig comes with a roomy hemp travel case, USB charging cable, and a concentrate loading tool. 

Dr. Dabber Switch 

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a patent-pending induction heating vaporizer for concentrates and cannabis flowers. Boasting top-notch battery life and a four-second heat-up time, the Switch is a top competitor within the dabbing industry for many reasons. This uniquely-designed oil rig has twenty-five heating settings and a battery that can last for 150 uses.  Its versatility is unmatched as both a portable and desktop rig.

KandyPens Oura

The Oura comes in eight colors, including the monochrome Odyssey design.  It’s a sleek and beautifully crafted oil rig that has won multiple awards, including “Best Portable Dab Rig of 2021” by The Vape Critic and “Best E-Nail 2021” by The Vape Guide. It’s an intelligent portable oil vaporizer with four temperature settings and a five-second heat-up time. This dab rig is developed and designed in the U.S. with handmade glass, a velvet carrying bag, and a lifetime warranty.  There’s a power sensor, auto-shutoff feature, fast USB charging, and haptic vibration technology.

Dank Glass Triple Matrix Perc Bong

The Triple Matrix is the tallest rig on our list. While standing tall at 22 inches, this rig has more than enough room for airflow and percolation.   This long, tubelike bong is paired with a thick, round base that keeps it sturdy while smoking. Its height and triple matrix percolator combine to allow for a smooth, clean hit every time. The Triple Matrix Perc Bong comes with an ice-catcher to cool down the smoke so that the taste of your product remains intact.

Cannabis dependency

The phrase cannabis use disorder is used to denote a specific condition with fairly narrow clinical parameters since it is still federally illegal. Heavy cannabis users’ recreational use isn’t technical enough to trigger the distinction between marijuana use and drug and alcohol addiction. Unless weed use can be proven similar to alcohol addiction by the drug enforcement administration or medical professionals, there can’t be an official diagnosis for abusing marijuana wax.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — published by the American Psychiatric Association — the following criteria are indicative of potential marijuana abuse:

  • Prolonged marijuana use despite physical or psychological distress
  • Prolonged marijuana use despite social or relationship problems
  • Marijuana cravings
  • Difficulty controlling or reducing cannabis use
  • Prioritizing cannabis in favor of other activities
  • Causing harm at work, school, and home as a result of marijuana use
  • Marijuana use dominates one’s daily schedule
  • Risky behaviors during/after marijuana use
  • Using more cannabis than is typical
  • Cannabis tolerance
  • Cannabis withdrawal symptoms such as emotional distress or severe agitation (irritability/anger/depression), difficulty sleeping, and decreased appetite

Where to Buy Marijuana Wax

You can find weed wax at many licensed dispensaries. Because wax is one of the most potent forms of cannabis, it can be an expensive option for medical marijuana. If you’re new to dabs, purchasing from a brick-and-mortar can provide access to expert knowledge on potency and flavor profiles. Budtenders can also offer advice on dose and using marijuana oils efficiently.

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