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CBD 9.00%


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  • top-reported-sublist Creative
  • top-reported-sublist Focused
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Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant strain with high levels of CBD and is a cross between Swiss Sativa, Thai Sativa, Columbian Gold, and Nepali Indica. It has a sweet and creamy tropical fruit flavor that is sure to make your taste buds happy on the exhale. On top of the tasty flavor and medicinal benefits, this strain has a unique history.

What is a strain?

Cannabis strains are considered to be a pure or hybrid genetic variation of the plant Genus Cannabis. There are three main species: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Ruderalis is not as popularly known as the others; however, it is a derivative of cannabis with the lowest THC levels.

Although they are popular among the cannabis community, hybrids are not considered a species as they are made of Sativa and Indica, with typically one or the other dominating the gene pool.

For marketing and medical marijuana purposes, cultivators will develop a cannabis strain to highlight specific desired characteristics, such as:

  • Color

  • Density

  • Flavor profile

  • Aroma

  • Medicinal benefits

  • Psychoactive effects

  • Cannabinoid percentages

  • THC vs. CBD content

Those within the cannabis community report that there are close to eight hundred unique weed strains worldwide, but that number has increased steadily throughout the years.

It's important to remember that all of them originated from landrace strains that were imported at some point in history.

Different strains are created yearly as botanists experiment with crossing classic marijuana strains with hybrids to change their genetic qualities.

Harlequin Marijuana Strain

Harlequin characters are known to contrast with their looks, choosing colors like orange and purple or yellow and red, and the strain itself reflects that with its distinct contrast between CBD and THC.

Harlequin is said to have been created by Mr. Green, a House of David Collective breeder, and was initially made to be a hash-producing crop. However, it eventually became one of the medical market's most sought-after cannabis strains.


The Harlequin strain is a sweet, herbal tasting at the beginning. Towards to end of the hit, you'll get hints of pine that finishes with a creamy, vanilla flavor profile.


Harlequin has a deliciously sweet scent, followed by vanilla, woods, and earth notes. It's not super aromatic, making it perfect for indoor use or using it discreetly in more public spaces.

Physical traits

The dense buds of Harlequin are large, round, and hunter-green in color. The trichomes and the hairs boast an amber-orange color that beautifully rounds out this strain.

Medical Benefits

Harlequin has extremely beneficial anti-inflammatory qualities, making it perfect for relieving chronic pain or neuralgic pain. Anyone new to medicinal weed or wanting to feel the relaxing attributes of marijuana without losing control would greatly benefit from trying the Harlequin Strain.

Potential Side Effects

There are many medical benefits to using Harlequin strains, but if you smoke regularly, due to THC content, you could notice adverse effects such as:
  • dry mouth

  • dry eyes

  • anxiety

  • paranoia or hyper-awareness

  • fatigue

The THC content of Harlequin Weed

There are many different Harlequin cannabis products on the market today. You can usually find strains with as low as seven percent THC and the highest test of up to fifteen percent. For CBD content, most versions of Harlequin contain between ten and fifteen percent CBD, making it ideal for medicinal purposes.

Growing Harlequin strains

For Harlequin strain seeds, unless you live in a warm environment with low humidity, it's best to grow the strain indoors where you can control the climate. This type of climate can be challenging to find in the United States, even in places like Colorado and California.

Harlequin has high pest and mold resistance as long as the humidity level is maintained below 65 percent, but make sure to watch out for bud rot. When cultivated outdoors, Harlequin produces a high yield of up to twenty-one ounces per plant, and indoors can produce up to twenty-five ounces per square meter.

Flowering Time

Harlequin's dense buds are usually finished flowering and ready to harvest within eight to nine weeks.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa does well in warmer regions of the Earth and can thrive with high humidity levels. The typical locations where Sativa strains are grown are Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia. Sativa is tall and slender with thin, light green leaves. 

Many people report that smoking Sativa makes them feel energized, creative and focused. These psychological effects make Sativa dominant strains best for daytime use because using them at night may cause insomnia due to the higher THC levels. 

There are many reasons people use Sativa cannabis strains, including: 
  • Easing depression symptoms

  • Headache and Pain relief 

  • Decreasing Nausea

  • Fighting appetite loss

  • Better Focus

  • Head High over Body High

What's the average price for harlequin buds?

While it depends on location and whether you are purchasing medical or recreational weed, the typical price for a gram of Harlequin flower is around ten USD.

Popular High CBD Strains Similar to Harlequin

Final Thoughts on Harlequin Cannabis Strain

Due to the high levels of CBD and low THC content, Harlequin is considered non-psychoactive compared to similar Sativa-dominant strains. For most people, the worst that may happen is a case of cottonmouth.

Harlequin is a gentle introduction to medical marijuana and offers an excellent balance of THC and CBD, although the exact ratio depends on the cultivator and the seeds. It is the ideal strain for those looking to feel relaxed, happy, energized, and productive throughout the day.


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