Since the legal cannabis industry is booming, cultivation and dispensary jobs are increasing. In 2020, the marijuana industry employed a quarter of a million people, and sales exceeded twenty billion dollars.

As more states legalize weed and begin to farm and sell it, the legal sector will create more jobs.

Cannabis Legal Status

Since recreational marijuana legalization in Colorado in 2012, more and more states are decriminalizing marijuana.

Some states have legalized it medically, while others have legalized it recreationally.

The vast range of laws from state to state, and federal prohibition makes for an uphill legal battle for dispensaries and cannabis cultivators.

The 2018 United States Farm Bill describes hemp as cannabis plants containing less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp oil or CBD oil are products manufactured from extracts of industrial hemp. In contrast, the hemp seed oil is an edible fatty oil that is essentially cannabinoid-free.

Some products contain other botanical extracts or non-prescription analgesics and are available as oral and topical tinctures for pain management.

According to medical marijuana laws, hemp products containing less than 0.3% of delta-9-THC are not considered illegal. 

There are three main types of Cannabis:

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is commonly found growing in the dryer climates of the Middle East. They are short and bushy with large, dark green leaves.

The buds tend to be much denser in Indica versus Sativa.

Indica strains have higher CBD content than Sativa. Most Indica weed contains an almost even amount of CBD and THC levels.

Since Indica tends to be relaxing, they’re best for nighttime use due to the intense body high.  

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa does well in warmer regions of the Earth and can thrive with high humidity levels.

The typical locations where Sativa strains are grown are Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia. Sativa is tall and slender with thin, light green leaves. 

Many people report that smoking Sativa makes them feel energized, creative and focused. These psychological effects make Sativa strains best for daytime use because using them at night may cause insomnia due to the higher THC levels. 

Cannabis Hybrid

A hybrid is a combination of Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.

The amounts can vary depending on the strain, but there are ones that balance evenly, and on the flip side, there are Indica and Sativa dominant hybrid strains. 

Cannabis Dispensary Evolution in U.S. cities


Denver, Colorado, is the “weed capital of America” in many ways.

Not only has cannabis been legal there since 2012, but it also has a surplus of cannabis-friendly lodging, tours, and activities all over the city.  


Los Angeles, California, is one of the largest cities in the country to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

L.A. offers many curated 420 experiences and an endless supply of high-quality, well-designed dispensaries all over the city.

Among these immersive experiences are The Original Cannabis Cafe and Hemp Tours. 

San Fran

San Francisco, California, and the Bay Area of California offer a lively cannabis tourism industry and a predominant weed culinary experience.

Marijuana has been legal there for many years, and there is a low tax rate meaning cannabis products are not super expensive. 

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado, provides unique cannabis-friendly lodging experiences with a breathtaking backdrop.

The entire state of Colorado is the perfect location for weed smokers who enjoy nature, hiking and taking in the views while stoned. 


Boston, Massachusetts, has legalized the purchase and possession of marijuana, although public use is technically still illegal.

Nonetheless, Boston is a great area to get stoned and walk the river, grab some oysters, or a yummy pastry on the way. 


Portland, Oregon, is home to the Cannabis Cup, a series of competitions judged in multiple cannabis-related categories, from cultivation to herb quality, to final product design.

It’s also a city with a prosperous culinary weed industry and artsy, unique dispensaries, unlike any other city. 


Las Vegas, Nevada, has quickly become a world-class travel destination for cannabis lovers. On the strip, there is Planet 13, the largest dispensary in the country, and it’s open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Once you stop at the dispensary, the strip is the perfect location to roam around and look at lights, catch a show, or grab some grub. 


Detroit, Michigan, is at the top of the Midwest cannabis boom. Since 2019 and the legalization of adult-use marijuana, revenue and weed sales have greatly expanded.

It also happens to be a great city to wander while stoned. 


Chicago, Illinois, and the legal cannabis industry have significantly grown since adult-use legalization in 2021.

Chicago boasts a prosperous cannabis culinary industry, especially when it comes to edible sweets.

They have yearly cannabis gatherings downtown, and Millenial Park provides a beautiful place to experience while high. 


Seattle, Washington, is one of the most normalized cities regarding using marijuana. As soon as you get downtown, you’ll notice the lovely smell of a weed strain or two.

It has a very steady cannabis economy and thousands of brands competing, so prices stay reasonably priced citywide.

Seattle also hosts the Hempfest yearly, and for residents, weed is mostly just a way of life. 

Top West Coast Dispensary Open Near Me

The Green Solution

This is Colorado’s largest recreational marijuana dispensary with a family-owned, comfortable feel.

They offer top-notch cannabis products with friendly, old-fashioned customer service.


Founded in San Francisco, this decade-old cannabis company focuses heavily on educating seniors and first-time dispensary visitors.

They offer unique services for seniors and a bold selection of products in San Diego and all over California.

This is a great one to try whether it’s your first order or your 100th.

Native Roots

This cannabis company provides a sense of community and connection for cannabis users all over Colorado.

They have multiple locations all over the state with knowledgeable budtenders and exclusive deals.

They are incredibly social and health-conscious and provide high-quality flowers, oil, and edibles. 

The Spot 420

If you’re in Southern Colorado, The Spot 420 Trinidad marijuana dispensary guarantees to take care of all your cannabis needs in one place.

It’s newly renovated and conveniently situated in historic Trinidad at The Riverside, just minutes from I-25 and the state line. 

Elevate 6010

Elevate 6010 is a Trinidad marijuana dispensary located on Main Street and is a family-owned operation.

They are open daily for online orders, curbside pickup, and in-store purchasing of one of the largest selections of buds in the state.

They feature many top brands and encourage you to stop by and grab a pre-roll of locally grown favorites like Willie’s Reserve, Veritas, and Summit Select.

Mid-Country Licensed Dispensaries

The Flower Bowl

Michigan’s top dispensary offers unique and funky packaging with top-shelf strains and cannabis accessories.

Inkster’s number one dispensary provides the best brands and affordable prices for adult-use consumers. 


This education-focused dispensary has good vibes and better products.

They have twenty locations within four states: Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Virginia, and a website with product and brand information.

Sunny Side

Sunnyside is a medical marijuana dispensary committed to shedding light on the often confusing world of cannabis.

They believe that this incredible plant holds the potential to help relieve chronic medical issues and be a part of one’s everyday wellness routine.

No matter what effect you’re after, Sunnyside is dedicated to helping you unlock all the benefits the cannabis plant can provide.

Best East Coast Dispensaries


One of the world’s largest cannabis dispensaries out of Massachusetts. This dispensary offers delivery and has brick-and-mortar locations in 23 U.S. states.

They sell their products anywhere establishments can legally sell cannabis for adult use.

You can sign up online to receive discounts and view comments on a pre-rolls, private reserves, and more.

Med Men

With over twenty-five locations in six states, Med Men is a serious contender for top U.S. weed dispensaries. They commit to curating and offering the top products possible.

This awesome company is a big believer in the power of community and giving back; they donate to and participate in at least seven charity organizations. 

Zen Leaf

The first Zen Leaf 24-hour dispensary opened in Las Vegas in 2016; now, it’s a top East Coast cannabis brand.

The idea was to create a dispensary environment to meet the diverse needs of its patrons while fostering reliability, accessibility, and authenticity.

Since its first opening, they have expanded operations across eight states.

Zen Leaf is dedicated to listening, observing, optimizing, and enhancing the cannabis experience with top products and a knowledgeable team.

Leafy Mate Can Help!

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Our website offers a map that includes the best dispensaries in legal states, so visit often to find new dispensary items and online cannabis deals.

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