Kush cannabis is a potent cannabis strain that has been used for centuries. In fact, the earliest known records of its use date back to 3,000 BC in India and 2,700 BC in China. The name “Kush” is derived from the Hindu-Arabic word for cannabis. Kush cannabis is known for its medicinal properties and is used to treat a variety of ailments. Kush cannabis also has a very high THC content and is usually smoked for its medicinal effects. Kush cannabis is also known as the “King of Cannabis”. It has been used for centuries by doctors who believed that it had healing properties without any side effects.  Cannabis has been used in medicine since ancient times. The Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung in 2737 BC was recorded as saying he learned about the plant’s healing properties from the gods. Cannabis was used by the ancient Egyptians to treat sore eyes, while in India it was used to treat asthma and insomnia. Cannabis and the strain Kush have been around a long, long time.  Here’s everything you need to know about Kush cannabis: what it is and how it affects your body and mind. Read on! 

What is Kush Cannabis? 

Kush cannabis has become a very popular term, often referred to in pop culture, music, and the cannabis industry. Hindu Kush refers specifically to the high THC indica cannabis strain grown in the Himalaya Mountains (Hindu Kush mountains) on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In recent years the term Hindu Kush or Kush has come to mean high-quality cannabis. Historically Kush weed is an indica strain, however, there are many crossbreeds so do not assume a strain with the name Kush will be indica only.  There are many hybrids and crossbreeds out on the market.

OG Kush In the United States  

OG Kush is a specific strain of Kush cannabis that started being grown in the 1990s. There are a lot of different theories and stories about how OG Kush came to be grown in the United States. There also tends to be some speculation about what OG stands for. One popular theory is that OG stands for original gangster, a reference to the 1990s California hip hop scene. Another popular theory says that OG stands for Ocean Grown. This is a reference to the early premium OG Kush strain that was first grown in Florida, said to be a cross between Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, and Lemon Thai cannabis strains. There is another theory that traces the origins of OG Kush to smuggled Hindu Kush seeds from Afghanistan that were then grown along the California coast.   There are those that believe the strain has been grown in California since the 1960s or 1970s, there is even a theory of a mysterious bag of seeds being found at a Grateful Dead concert. OG Kush is now one of the most popular strains around, referred to sometimes as the “California Queen, due to its popularity in that state. It is referenced in hip hop music and pop culture quite regularly. Some believe that Kush started being used as a nickname for cannabis, without those making it popular realizing it was the name of a specific cannabis strain.  In the 1990s a well-known grower from Florida Matt “Bubba” Berger cultivated a cannabis strain he named after himself and called Bubba Kush. He then brought this strain to California, where he met up with other growers eventually cultivating the famous strain Bubba Kush. Because there are so many varying stories out there it is hard to know exactly which one of these theories, or the ones we didn’t get to, is correct. However, regardless of its origin, OG Kush is one of the most famed cannabis strains known around the world.  No matter what theory one chooses to believe about where OG Kush came from it is consistently a strain people want to find and enjoy. Many popular strains worldwide have come from OG Kush. While there is no guarantee they are all true Hindu Kush strains, Kush has long been associated with high-quality, high potency cannabis products and is always something cannabis connoisseurs are on the lookout for. 

Some Well-Known Cannabis Strains Derived From OG Kush Include: 

  • Afghani Kush Strains
  • Hindu Kush Strains
  • Bubba Kush Strains
  • Tahoe OG Strains
  • Purple Kush Strains
  • Master Kush Strains  
  • Ghost OG Strains
  • Headband Strains
  • GSC (once called Girl Scout Cookie) Strains
  • Kandy Kush Strains
  • Master Kush Strains
  • Banana Kush Strains
  • Skywalker OG Strains

How Does Kush Affect Your Body?

What is Kush Cannabis Strain - Leafy MateKush can be smoked or ingested to produce a high-THC effect. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis that produces those effects. THC binds to receptors in our brain that regulate mood, memory, perception, concentration, appetite, and pain. People may feel a sense of bliss after ingesting marijuana because THC mimics a naturally occurring neurotransmitter called anandamide. This chemical makes us feel happy when we experience something enjoyable or rewarding. The body absorbs THC through the lungs when someone smokes it or through the stomach when someone eats it.  It is important to know the different ways cannabis affects your body. Cannabinoids can create a feeling of euphoria and relaxation as well as intensifying sensations such as taste, smell, and sight. It also increases hunger and stimulates digestion. THC binds to receptors in our brain that regulate mood, memory, perception, concentration, appetite, and pain. People may feel a sense of bliss after ingesting marijuana because THC mimics a naturally occurring neurotransmitter called anandamide. This chemical makes us feel happy when we experience something enjoyable or rewarding.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid found in cannabis, however, it does not cause the same euphoric high that THC does. CBD is said to help with many conditions including depression, anxiety, pain, addiction, and has even been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat certain forms of epilepsy at prescription strength.  There are Kush strains that have both CBD and THC in them. One well-known variety is called CBD Kush, bred from Kandy Kush strain and a CBD strain.    Kush cannabis strains are often known to have one of the most relaxing and enjoyable responses in the body. They are highly sought after, known for quality strains, and are popular among recreational and medical cannabis consumers.  Pure Kush strains are hard to come by; most on the market these days are hybrids. 

Is Kush a Type of Cannabis That Contains THC?

Yes, Kush is a type of cannabis that contains THC. When it comes to understanding THC basics, it’s important to know that THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the “high” sensation. Kush is known for its high THC content, making it a popular choice for recreational use.

How does Kush Cannabis affect your mind? 

Kush cannabis affects your mind in several ways. The THC content in Kush cannabis means that it produces euphoria and uplifting effects, as well as feelings of relaxation and calmness. It also enhances the senses, making colors appear brighter and taste more intense. Kush cannabis can produce feelings of creativity, happiness, joyfulness, and introspection. The Kush plant is known to be sedative due to being an indica strain. It is known to relax both body and mind and makes one want to settle in and enjoy a mellow, strong effect.  Many people who enjoy Kush strain experience an “empathetic high” where they feel connected to other people or things around them. This often leads to more social interactions with friends or family members. Different strains of cannabis can have different effects. Some may cause more euphoria, while others might cause more mental stimulation. Kush cannabis has a range of effects, depending on the strain. For example, some Kush varieties are more potent than others and may lead to more psychoactive effects. Kush varieties that are higher in THC content are typically more intoxicating.  The two most common strains of Kush plants are Afghan Kush and Hindu Kush. While they’re both strong, Afghani is known for being more sedating and Hindu is known for being more stimulating To avoid any adverse reactions, it’s important to know what kind of strain you’re consuming before you try it! True Kush strain is indica dominant, 

Keeping it Kush

Kush weed is a potent drug that has been used for centuries. It has long been associated with being a high-quality, high potency cannabis strain that creates an enjoyable high. There is some mystery and uncertainty about where it actually originated from, and how Kush strains made it to the United States; however, it is here to stay.  It is the base strain used to create some of the most popular strains of cannabis on a global scale. Always remember to ask about the strains you are purchasing, and to purchase from a reputable dispensary if you are not growing your own cannabis Leafy Mate is here to help you find the best quality cannabis products and medical providers in your area. Learn more about how we can help make your cannabis experience the best it can be. We can help you learn about different strains, uses, and ways to consume cannabis, as well as help with the medical marijuana card process. Connect with Leafy Mate today to get started. 

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