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Loud Labs is a licensed processor of industrial hemp in the state of Illinois. Our cannabinoids are formulated to deliver our customers the most robust recovery experience. We also provide top-shelf wholesale smokable hemp flower to various businesses.

Remaining active is something I have always found vital to both my physical and mental health. However, sometimes our bodies don’t want to cooperate with us when we continue to push ourselves to new limits. I’ve spent my entire life playing sports and battling through injuries to continue doing what I love. Snowboarding, football, baseball, basketball, wrestling and mixed martial arts took their toll on my body over the years. Two labrum tears, clavicle surgery, fibula surgery, and multiple concussions later, I found myself struggling to continue doing the things I love because of chronic pain.

After multiple years in corporate banking, I decided to start Loud Labs with the intention of improving people’s way of life through the use of cannabinoids. I started Loud Labs with only one mission in mind – helping people and the planet. I believe our future as humans has a bright path forward if we make the necessary changes to our current food production and farming system. We have seen large shifts towards renewable energy across all sectors of the economy, with many companies vowing to become carbon neutral by set dates. I believe that one of the most important tools we have for creating a healthy future and in restoring our environment is regenerative agriculture. Through the use of regenerative farming practices we can restore Earth’s soil and begin to sequester carbon, restore animal and insect habitats and create resilient ecosystems full of biodiversity. These practices create not only stronger and more resilient ecosystems, but healthier and more nutrient-dense crops and livestock.

The hemp and CBD industry has expanded at a rapid rate since the 2018 Farm Bill – with many companies making false claims about their products and procedures. Our goal is to deliver you peace of mind that each product purchased has been truly cared for and ultimately contributes to our common goal of sustainability. 

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