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  • Marijuana in Wyoming is Illegal.
  • Not Decriminalized. 
  • low-THC CBD oil approved for severe epilepsy.
  • Possession is not allowed for recreational use.
  • Cultivation is illegal in Wyoming.
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Wyoming has a minimal low-THC CBD oil medical program and is one of thirteen states in the US that have not legalized marijuana for medical use. This state also has some of the harshest penalties in the country, with possession of even small amounts could lead to a Misdemeanor and a fine.

However, marijuana advocates across the state are attempting to allow residents to vote on legalizing and decriminalizing cannabis during the 2022 and 2024 election periods.  Due to the tax revenue potential, many lawmakers in Wyoming support marijuana law updates as well.

State Laws and Offenses

Here’s a current list of penalties for possession, sale, and distribution of marijuana, concentrate, or paraphernalia in Wyoming.

  • Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance under the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act. 
  • Cannabis is still considered a Schedule I Controlled Substance and illegal on a federal level.
  • Marijuana Possession of small amounts up to three ounces is a Misdemeanor punishable by twelve months of incarceration, and a 1,000 USD maximum fine. There are pending bills to decriminalize possession of marijuana use.
  • A person under the influence can receive a Misdemeanor punishable with six months imprisonment and a 750 USD maximum fine.  This penalty increases to a felony for those operating a motor vehicle.
  • Sales of any kind is a Felony with penalties of ten years incarceration and a 10,000 USD fine.
  • Cultivation without a license is a misdemeanor with penalties of six months jail time and a 10,000 USD maximum fine.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia is unclassified with criminal penalties of up to six months imprisonment and a 750 USD fine.

The most recent legislation does not list qualifying conditions. It refers to physical and psychological conditions that haven’t been responsive to “other treatment options.”


A Wyoming survey by the local analysis center showed that two-thirds of voters want to legalize medical marijuana and establish a medical marijuana program.

Is marajuana legal in Wyoming? No. It is not legal, so patients can not use a medical cannabis card in Wyoming.

Not for marijuana, only hemp for personal use. There are dispensaries within the state that sell CBD-devived edible products. 

Yes. CBD derived from the hemp plant is legal in Wyoming if it has under 0.3% THC due to the passing of the Farm Bill of 2018.  CBD products are available in some dispensaries, similar to other states like South Carolina and South Dakota.

Yes, hemp farming is legal for Wyoming residents. The state legislation has regulation and licensing systems for hemp, separate from the federal 2018 Farm Bill guidelines.

Cannabis Policy Reform Timeline

1929: The state of Wyoming criminalized and banned cannabis use and possession.

1991: The medical marijuana ballot initiatives were not approved by voters.

2015: In July, cannabidiol was legalized for the treatment of seizures and intractable epilepsy. The House legislature failed to accept Wyoming’s NORML medical marijuana initiative

2016: Lawmakers failed to pass a bill to decriminalize minor possession and reduce misdemeanor penalties for marijuana charges for the third year in a row

2017: The Peggy A. Kelley Wyoming Cannabis Act of 2016 makes headway and later dies due to a lack of voter turnout and not enough signatures for marijuana legalization.

2021: Ballot initiatives have been filed for the state legislature to update marijuana laws and legalize medical marijuana but later died in the House judiciary committee due to missed deadlines.  It’s important to note that Wyoming’s legislative process and requirements to pass a ballot initiative are stringent so marijuana legalization will continue to be a battle.

2022: Cannabis advocates in the House like Eric Barlow, are gathering signatures for bills to decriminalize marijuana, reduce penalties, and for full legalization. According to the Associated Press, marijuana in Wyoming will potentially be changing further in the years to come.

Updated 6.14.2022