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We all love the healing scent of this medicinal avenue, but there are times where being discreet is necessary.

For over a quarter century, we have worked in the environmental odor control industry, creating & marketing products to dozens of industries (i.e.from nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, pet facilities to manufacturing), that need to eradicate odors, responsibly!

2011 was when a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer. While undergoing chemotherapy, she discreetly smoked to ease the severe nausea allowing her the ability to eat, also finding a sense of peace & relaxation allowing her to find sleep. Sadly, it was a time she had to hide her smoking from those closet to her & was failing with different avenues to eliminate the smell. In early 2012, she came to us in desperation asking if our product would help her. We knew without doubt it would, & provided her with what is now known as Kushley.

After her passing we sadly pondered on how she was forced to hide her smoking, the one thing that provided her so much relief in so many ways & we wondered “how many hugs did she miss” for fear someone would find out her secret. In our own grief, this one thought changed our life as "we were sure she wasn’t alone".

Over the next year, for the love of our dear friend, this community, & our desire to help others find relief strengthened our resolve, so that by 2013 we were ready to introduce our full line of Kushley, all organic products for your personal environment & pet safe too! Kushley is a unique & proprietary water-based blend of botanicals handcrafted right here in New England. Our formula is Proprietary, but we do share that no tree nut or nut oils are used rather it is lemon, & eucalyptus that are among the many natural botanical oil extracts used & once blended, will biodegrade any organic odor on contact.

So, whether you need to clean your hands after gardening, light a candle, use a diffuser to freshen your room, rid smoke smell from your home, clothes, hair, car or even if your pet has been “skunked,” Kushley will clear the air, safely! (For the later, simply bathe your pup in full strength Kushley, use cotton balls to dab around the eyes & rinse thoroughly. Kushley is safe to use around all pets and be sure to follow up with our Pet Shampoo to thoroughly condition their skin and coat). These are all organic reasons to keep Kushley nearby.

We encourage you to Google Kushley to find the many online articles & five-star product reviews on our fine mist spray, pure soy candles, castile foaming soap, our unique, citrus free & fragrance free, hand, face & body lotion.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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