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Marijuana is regularly used among cannabis users nationwide, but weed laws vary depending on which state and city you are in. While cannabis is still federally illegal and even illegal in certain states, some cities are the perfect place for cannabis lovers. If you’re on the search for the top weed-friendly destinations in the U.S., Leafy Mate is here to help connect you to dispensaries that will deliver products directly to your location. 

Your Cities’ Top Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries

With Leafy Mate, you’ll be able to search for top dispensaries that deliver products all over the nation.  We can provide a broad yet detailed search for your location from leading states in the cannabis industry, such as Colorado and California, to newly legal cannabis states like New York and Arkansas.  We can assure you you’ll be connected with top cannabis delivery dispensaries in these and other states. 

Denver, Colorado, is the “weed capital of America” in many ways.  Not only has cannabis been legal there since 2012, but it also has a surplus of cannabis dispensaries and delivery services. 

Los Angeles, California, is one of the largest cities in the country to legalize cannabis for recreational use.  L.A. offers an endless supply of high-quality, well-designed dispensaries.

San Francisco, California, and the Bay Area of California offer a lively cannabis tourism industry and a predominant weed culinary experience.  Marijuana has been legal there for many years, and there is a low tax rate meaning cannabis products are not super expensive. 

Boston, Massachusetts, has legalized the purchase and possession of marijuana, although public use is technically still illegal.  Nonetheless, Boston is a great place to order delicious food and some great weed to compliment your dinner. 

Portland, Oregon, is a city with a prosperous culinary weed industry and artsy, unique dispensaries, unlike any other cannabis-friendly city. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, has quickly become a world-class travel destination for cannabis lovers.  Around the strip, you can get 24/7 access to cannabis products and weed delivery. 

Chicago, Illinois, and the legal cannabis industry have significantly grown since the legalization of adult-use in 2021. Chicago boasts a prosperous cannabis culinary industry, especially when it comes to edible sweets.  

Seattle, Washington, is one of the most normalized cities regarding using marijuana. It has a very steady cannabis economy and thousands of brands competing, so prices stay reasonably priced citywide, and delivery is fast.

How Can Leafy Mate Connect You to Cannabis Delivery? 

At Leafy Mate, we’re committed to providing a place for cannabis users to connect with leading cannabis delivery services, as well as newer ones that we know you’ll love.  We offer a site map with all the best dispensaries and deliveries in legal states.  We’ve got you covered, from medical marijuana to recreational use when it comes to finding a product that can be delivered. 

Our goal is to educate, connect, and assist our customers with all hemp and marijuana-related things. Whether you’re looking to explore a local dispensary in person or have cannabis products delivered safely and securely, at Leafy Mate, we’ve taken out the guesswork and made the process more effective than ever before. 

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