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SWC Tempe

Welcome to SWC Tempe!

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We are SWC Tempe*

About SWC Tempe

SWC Tempe has been serving the medical and recreational cannabis community since 2013. We are located on S. Price Rd off of the 101 at Exit 52.

SWC Prescott Arizona provides high quality medical marijuana strains and edibles at these convenient Arizona locations.

Our mission is to redefine the perception of cannabis for the experienced user and uninitiated alike. We aspire to provide high-quality, and innovative cannabis products for all people who wish to alleviate symptoms or improve their quality of life. Our process involves:


SWC Prescott expert cultivation team curates a unique repertoire of specialty genetics with diverse attributes to meet the needs of our patients. SWC’s one-of-a-kind strain menu exhibits cutting-edge cannabis breeding at its best.


Using advanced technology and the finest organic nutrients, we create a customized climate that promotes optimum plant health. From germination to harvest, SWC Prescott cannabis receives the constant care that’s required to produce a product of the highest possible quality.


As our plants reach full bloom, a delicate examination reveals the perfect moment to initiate harvest. By understanding each strain’s individual flowering cycle and carefully monitoring trichome formations for maturity, our team works to ensure that each plant reaches its full potential.


At the curing stage, patience and precision are the keys to perfection. Harvested flowers ripen in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to protect the integrity of cannabinoids and terpenes within each flower. Each strain develops the unique aromas, exotic flavors and therapeutic effects that patients expect from high quality cannabis.


Potent sugar leaf is trimmed from harvested flowers and processed to create cannabis concentrates. Specialists at SWC Prescott employ advanced techniques to develop flavorful and cannabinoid-rich extracts.


Within our comfortable dispensary locations, friendly staff welcome our guests and eagerly share their knowledge. Patients have the opportunity to share their treatment goals, learn about our products, and make selections tailored to their individual needs.