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Medusa Farms

Welcome to Medusa Farms!

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We are Medusa Farms*

About Medusa Farms

About Medusa Farms – “Mom was cooking and serving up her famous cannabis enhanced burgers and blue corn tamales way back in the early ’80’s,” Evan Pieser said, of his late mother who passed in 2009. Pieser went on to say that his mom owned and operated a cafe in Flagstaff which was the first in the United States to serve her famous – or perhaps infamous – cannabis dishes over the counter to her patrons, noting that her customers came from near and far to sample her “special” burgers or tamales. The authorities showed up as well, none too happy, of course! Now nearly 30 years later Evan Pieser owns his own business in the hemp industry.

Medusa Farms applied for the medical use dispensary program and ultimately became licensed in 2012. The local Kingman dispensary is managed by General Manager Tom Carrington while Pieser is out working to expand his operation. Since Arizona Proposition 207 passed in the 2020 general election, Pieser has been busy applying for additional recreational cannabis licenses allocated in Arizona. Perhaps the hallmark of Prop 207 is that it authorizes state and local authorities to regulate marijuana licensees. The proposition also allowed the legalization and taxation of recreational cannabis with limited possession, use and cultivation by adults 21 years of age or older. The prop further amends penalties for possession and expunges some offenses, bans smoking cannabis in public and imposed a 16% sales tax to fund public programs.

Dad was no bystander! Being a cultivator most of his life himself, dad owned and operated a dispensary in Grasshopper Junction, Arizona in 2013. “We were stared at like the ‘Hills have Eyes’, but once we were able to connect with the community we were accepted as good people and neighbors,” Pieser remembers. Today dad serves as the Chief Consultant for Cultivation for Medusa Farms which grows, processes and creates custom in-house blends for the business. Brother is an Information Technology (IT) software installer for dispensaries and currently resides in Missouri while sister is currently applying for a dispensary license in Maine.

What’s next on the horizon for Medusa Farms? Expansion of course! Medusa Farms currently employs more that 20 employees and is a 1,200-square-foot space next to Basha’s. Having leased the old Payless Shoe Source building next to Ashley Furniture (still in the Bashas Shopping Center) on East Andy Devine (Old Route 66) in Kingman, the new 2,700-square-foot buliding (twice the size of their current location) will serve many more customers and provide much needed space for their ever-expanding product line including their custom in-house product assortments.

Pieser’s future goals include mass production of edibles, infusion kitchens, along with retail hemp products such as baking products, food, clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. “Infused butter and coconut oils are better than animal products”, said Pieser. Pieser noted that the local health department rules are still being ironed out and are still pending. Education and consultation is important and high on the list of services for Pieser and Medusa Farms. Raised as a vegetarian with an emphasis staying active, Pieser pushes the health benefits of CBD products, hemp and marijuana. They will be offering private consultations, training, and are excited to answer questions raised by the public. They are here to serve and educate.