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Delta 9 PA Pittsburgh

Welcome to Delta 9 PA - Pittsburgh!

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We are Delta 9 PA Pittsburgh*

Our Mission at Delta 9 Pittsburgh

Delta 9 Pittsburgh PA dispensary strives to provide a professional and welcoming atmosphere as well as a broad product base for the patients of Pennsylvania. Our knowledgeable staff of experienced patient care consultants and pharmacists work together to make sure our patients not only leave feeling comfortable, but confident in their medical marijuana journey.  We consider our community our family and we are committed to being active agents of change. With medical marijuana dispensaries in Greensburg and Pittsburgh, we want Pennsylvanians to know that HOPE LIVES HERE.

Why delta 9 Pittsburgh PA?

As Keystone Integrated Care, we realized that there was some confusion among the patient base as some patients had been mistaking us for other dispensaries on the eastern side of Pennsylvania. It has made it difficult for us to provide the level of care we’d like to extend to Western Pennsylvania patients so we decided to change our brand name. However, we included the “by Keystone Integrated Care” so that you know it’s still us and no other company is managing our dispensaries.

Why Delta 9 Pittsburgh dispensary PA? Well aside from Delta-9-THC being the glorious molecule that provides us with psycho-activity, it is also the most abundant in the plant and has many therapeutic benefits. Additionally, the delta sign can also represent change, which is what we hope to bring to the medical marijuana industry in PA.

MMJ 101 – Forms of Consumption

Medical Marijuana comes in many forms from dry leaf and capsules to newer applications like patches. Read on to learn more about the most common inhalable and non-inhalable forms.

Inhalable Forms

Dry Leaf or Flower – medicine in plant form to be vaporized.

Concentrated forms of marijuana that are inhaled or vaporized. Wax, budder, shatter, sugar, crumble, and distillates are common form of concentrates in the PA market. These forms must be vaporized in a pen or device.

Cartridges are liquid marijuana concentrates that are consumed via the mouthpiece once attached to a battery. Cartridge + battery = pen.

Non-Inhalable/Edible Forms

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is a potent whole plant extract that can be orally consumed or used a topical. It typically comes in a syringe-like applicator.

Tinctures are typically consumed by placing a couple drops sublingually or under the tongue. They can also be sprayed under the tongue or swallowed. Onset is faster if taken under the tongue.

Capsules contain oil (usually coconut or MCT) or RSO and are swallowed for digestion.

Topicals are non-psychoactive salves, creams, and lotions that are applied to the affected area for relief. Most topicals in the PA market are not transdermal and will not penetrate the blood stream.

Patches are applied to the affected area of the body for relief. Placing the patch on a venous area will allow cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream thus providing deeper relief.

Check out dispensary name website for more information on how to get your complimentary consultation.


Q Marijuana for Dummies

Our Mission at LeafyMate is to provide a seamless customer experience and educate people about cannabis. With an online marketplace, telehealth solution, dispensary directory and delivery platform we aim to provide legal access to Cannabis products. You can explore, review, purchase carefully selected products from licensed retailers and schedule a pick-up or delivery subject to availability in your area. We are here to help you learn about cannabis and its benefits for your body and mind. We also connect you with licensed medical marijuana doctors for medical cannabis card evaluations in your state. Everyone knows about cannabis, right? Of course not. We are not born with ancestral memories. We do not recall the time when we emerged from our straw huts, saw the bud growing in the garden, and decided to apply it to all manner of life. So, we turn to the internet and stumble upon this comprehensive guide on marijuana for dummies.

Q Want Marijuana Information but Not Sure Who to Ask?

You're not alone. With marijuana legalization spreading across the states the use of marijuana is getting a little daunting out there. The experienced marijuana consumers are flocking to dispensaries while those of us who are not sure where to go, who have always wanted to try but don’t know where to start or who have never even considered it but curious, now you have LeafyMate to help. The Marijuana for Dummies guide will give you a good foundation but continue exploring to learn more. We are here to introduce you to marijuana for beginners. We'll try to keep it simple but don’t hesitate to reach out to LeafyMate gurus to learn more and ask questions.

Q What are the different types of cannabis?

The first important step for marijuana beginners or even enthusiasts is to discern between the types of cannabis being offered. There are many types of marijuana, all sorts of ways to take it, and all sorts or varieties in strength. Let's cover the very basic differences without going into too much detail.

Q How to Take Marijuana If You Don't Smoke?

Sativa is a type of strain that is used to stimulate energy, uplift your mood, improve focus and increase your senses. This strain will help you get your day moving along and give you the boost of energy needed for every occasion, including a run, party or for any reason you have to stimulate your senses.

Q Why do people use marijuana?

Indica is the type of strain that that is used for relaxation and is known to be taken before sleep. Overall, this strain reduces anxiety, increases appetite and provides an overall relaxing affect.

Q More Marijuana Information For Beginners

Blended mix of strains that provide you a balanced relaxation and increased boost. The combination of Sativa and Indica come in different proportions with either Sativa or Indica dominating the balance.

Q Dispensary Near Me

CBD is popular and is used for a variety of reasons including inflammation reduction, exercise recover and overall well being. A cannabis plant is made of two main compounds, there are a ton more, but let's talk about these two. One of these is CBD (Cannabidiol) and another is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD extract has no psychoactive properties and will not get you high. You will get all the health benefits of cannabis but without the strange woozy feeling or the munchies.

Q What Else Should You Know?

Fortunately, it's not like the old days anymore. You don't 'need' to smoke a joint to indulge in some prime weed. For beginners, a joint is probably a good starting point because you have a lot of control over how much you intake. Weed can take a short amount of time (maybe 20 minutes) to kick-in and last 1 – 6 hours, so you may want to take it easy on your first few tries until you figure it out for you body. If you don't smoke, THC and CBD oils are available. These are generally used for medicinal purposes or those who don’t smoke. This is best taken by simply placing drops of oil under your tongue and let it absorb into your mouth (most oils will come with simple instructions on the dosage you should take).
Edible marijuana treats are a fantastic alternative to smoking joints for those that want the benefits of cannabis but don’t prefer to smoke. Edibles come on much more slowly, could have a more intense effect depending on the THC/CBD mix your take, and are likely to provide a shorter-term affect. Be aware that it is very, very, very, very easy to eat too much. Limit yourself to a smaller amount, wait an hour, then have another if you feel the need. Have regular snacks on hand for when the munchies hit you and have water handy to dilute the affects as needed.
Using a vaporizer might be your preferred method. A weed vaporizer won't produce nearly the same amount of smoke that an electronic cigarette style vape pen will do. It will produce a light tickle on your throat. The marijuana is placed inside a chamber that is heated to release the vapor into your body. Again, vaping weed is an alternative to smoking a joint. It's definitely too easy to take too much so pace yourself. Aside from these methods, you can take marijuana in a variety of forms including a soda can, feel free to explore the right method for you.

Q Disclaimer

Besides some people being curious and try marijuana for the sake of trying there are other reasons for people using marijuana. To list a few, energy, relaxation, increase in focus and healing are some popular ones. Some people make marijuana as part of their daily routine and others have it from time to time. People are using marijuana to cut back on alcohol, opiates, tobacco or other medicine that aids in sleep, appetite, focus and many more.