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To make our CBD products we cook our farm grown hemp in organic coconut oil and heat that mixture for a minimum of 48 hours. It is infused with healing reiki and then hand pressed. The natural compounds of the hemp, including CBD, are infused into the coconut oil. The same heat and infusion process is utilized for all of our healing herbs such as arnica, comfrey, calendula and plantain. What we create is rich, whole-plant extracts.\, the way mother nature intended. 

Infusion is the best method for maintaining the integrity of the whole plant. Just as whole foods have holistic benefits, whole hemp plants provide similar value. Hemp plants contain more than just CBD. They are rich in naturally occurring compounds—cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and others—that we aim to preserve in our whole-plant infusion process.

We use whole-plant infusion primarily because its simplicity preserves the purity and integrity of our plants. Whole-plant infusion is a one-step, toxin-free process to capture the full spectrum of our organic plants. It enables us to make whole-plant hemp extract that is high-quality and affordable.

 The compounds in the hemp (which are lipids) naturally infuse into the organic coconut oil (which is also a lipid) without needing to break them apart and put them back together.

This creates a whole-plant infused oil that preserves the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes in a simple, raw form that’s easy for the body to absorb.

We are committed to using only the simplest ingredients and processes to make our full-spectrum organic hemp extract. The sun, seeds and soil work as nature intended and then we use the cleanest, most efficient means possible to bring a high-quality product to our consumers.

Whole Flower CBD Extract contains all the cannabinoid compounds that are found in the hemp flower. This gives an “entourage effect” due to containing alongside CBD; CBD-A, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC (<.3%), which has shown to be more effective than isolated CBD. 

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