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Mountjoy Sparkling symbolizes transformation. Let’s celebrate what makes you unique with 100% all Natural, Vegan, Luxury, getting you one stop close to being your best self. Delivered to your house (or work, or wherever), so you can share it with friends on your time.

Our home - Sonoma County, CA - infuses everything we do with nature and adventure.

From organically grown hemp plants we extract the CBD-rich ingredient which gives you the fast-acting relaxing feeling you’re accustomed to from Mountjoy beverages.

It's farm to table in drinks, and it allows us to evolve our line while all the while providing handmade care to you, every step of the way.

Hopefully, by now, you know and love us from our original product, Mountjoy Sparkling Water.

Refreshing, delicious, portable…just right! If not, hang around and get to know us!

During the Covid pandemic we had some time on our hands, so we thought, why not expand? Why not evolve?

So that's exactly what we did. What was our goal, our end game? Well...


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