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About this brand Highest rated dugout online. The best gift you will ever buy your buds. Built to last. Designed to perform. Lifetime Guaranteed. ? THE MODERN DUGOUT. Perfect blend of durable and discreet. Classic & trendy. ? PEACE OF MIND. Forever tight top with core thru lid design keeps all your smoking accessories safe and secure. Keeps your product fresher for longer. ? NO STINK. This case is made with a unique blend of industrial strength nylon. It is virtually indestructible and the finest storage solution. Run it over with a truck and it still works. The one of a kind design swivel lid is easily & fully adjustable. This seals in contents and protects from outside elements. This little black box floats. ? NO PINCH. Designed different with rounded corner to comfortably fit in pockets. 4" x 2.5" x .75" No more butt pinch. ? NO WORRIES. XXL Product chamber. Holds 3x as much as traditional wood dugouts. Custom springs make for a soft touch eject, not a rocket to your face. Open a little for one smoky stick or rotate lid fully for both to pop up. A cleaning tool is included. ? Perfect for the on-the-go stealth smoker. This crush proof case is built to perform on all your adventures. Take it anywhere from tailgating parties to the beach or just for a quick break around town. ? BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. 100% product satisfaction guarantee. Made in the USA. Built by the best of the best American workers. ? New BOSS BRASS. Excellence at its best. "Truly a superior product to anything you have ever seen or used before." A balanced & lighter brass hitter, because it is designed better and back boarded to hit like a power hitter. ? Your buds will thank you & Perfect gift for any occasion. 500+ 5 star reviews. Made in the USA. Even during Covid-19 shipping everyday. Show more
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