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Mentari Farms

Our mission is to cultivate cannabis as cleanly and sustainably as possible while improving our environment by applying regenerative and organic philosophies to our farming practices. We are a regenerative and organic Tier 2 sun-grown producer in Southern Oregon. Our (15)-100'x20' living soil hugelkultur beds allow us to retain and use less water while also providing a prolific ecosystem for our plants to thrive and never be sprayed with pesticides or organicides. It is our belief that the ecosystem our plants thrive in contributes to an increased representation of terpenes in our strains which we think is one of the most important components of cannabis. To feed our soil, we make all of our own nutrients on the farm by tending to our own worm farm, capturing and propagating fungal inoculations, fermenting kelp and plants we grow on the farm, as well as fermenting waste products from the coastal fishing industry such as filleted fish, and oyster shells. The water that our garden receives is irrigated by our 250,000 gallon pond that is filled by our rain water catchment system built on the farm’s ancillary buildings. We’re essentially always looking to make cleaner, healthier, tastier cannabis, while always being conscious of how we are using our resources and how we treat this beautiful earth!

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