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Medicine Mama’s Farmacy is your premier purveyor of the highest quality NC-grown and NC-made CBD products.

In the time since we have introduced Medicine Mama’s Farmacy to Raleigh, we have met so many wonderful people who can relate to our mission. It all started as CBD became an emerging powerhouse in alternative medicine. We saw an undeniable NEED and thought it was about high time to jump in.

CBD is unique, as it works to naturally ease pain without the need for pharmaceuticals that can cause some harsh side-effects. We believe that having access to natural relief for ourselves, our family, and our friends, is the right of all people.

Steph, the founder and owner of Medicine Mama’s, has put her ALL into creating delicious ways to access the powerful, healing properties of CBD. She has been a trailblazer in the cannabis industry here in the Triangle. She has curated an incredible team of caring individuals who share her passion for helping others. 

When you shop with Medicine Mama’s Farmacy you can rest assured that you are purchasing quality products from people who have YOUR best interest in mind above all else. You are not just supporting your own health and wellness, but also working to expand the growing appreciation for a plant medicine that continues to heal people around the world. We are all co-creating the future of cannabis right now and, with that, we know there is a flood of information and you might have questions. We are here to support you, answer all of your questions, and hopefully help you live your best, pain-free life.

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