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Located in the sprawling hills of Shelburne, Vermont, our hemp is given ample sun as it rises over the Green Mountains and sets behind the Adirondacks. The fields were old grazing land for dairy cows back in the ’70s, then provided hay to Laplatte River Angus Farm, and most recently provide hay to a neighboring dairy farm. In order to prep the field, we had the neighboring dairy farmer assist with plowing the field over to help loosen the clay-heavy soil.

Since then, we have implemented sustainable regenerative agricultural practices to improve soil quality. We practice crop rotation, companion planting, cover cropping, and minimal to no-till methods on all the fields we currently use, and the ones we plan to use in the future. We have also teamed up with a local arborist company, which generously drop significant amounts of wood chips that we use for various uses. From lining walking rows to dropping on the fields prior to tilling to help sink carbon and organic matter back into the soil, we have seen signification improvements from the addition of woodchips. Around 80% of the water we use for our fields comes from rain barrels around the property, and in 2021, we plan to add 3 pounds to the property to reduce water runoff. This will help close the loop on the 20% of the water that currently comes from a well. With the addition of these ponds, we hope to move to a gravity-fed watering system, to reduce the need for fossil fuel-driven water pumps.

Alongside the practices outlined above, we also actively plant crops to support beneficial insects, bees, and wildlife. We feel strongly about not only improving soil conditions in the fields but also providing abundant areas where we can promote the success of all-natural species in the surrounding area. As we continue to grow the farm, we also hope to add more herbs, flowers, and fruits that we can make infused products within the coming years. Please join us on the journey, ask questions, and let us know what you think along the way!


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