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Historically, indoor cannabis has been grown in a soil-less growing medium and is fed with bottled nutrients.  Often times it’s not even clear what ingredients are in these products and whether or not they’re safe.

We grow our cannabis completely organically in living soil, the way nature intended.  

“Living soil” means that our soil has an active colony of microbes that take the inert nutrients and organic matter in the soil and turn them into plant-available compounds.  We don’t feed our plants - they’re fed by the soil and organic amendments, with the help of our friends the microbes.  

Not only does this approach produce a more flavorful and delicious product, but it’s safer and more eco-friendly.  

Growing in living soil definitely isn’t easy, but we believe that in the legal cannabis market customers deserve to have transparency into their product.  When you buy cannabis from MCC, you can always feel 100% confident about what you’re getting. 

If you have any questions about our growing method, or just want to geek out on this topic some more, please feel free to contact us using the button below!

We grow our cannabis in giant indoor beds that hold about 180 gallons of living soil each, and weigh around 1500 lbs. Growing this way benefits the plants because they have access to more soil, they have more space for their roots to spread out, and the shared root zone allows the plants to work together.

The soil in the beds is re-amended between runs and reused over and over again!

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