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At long last, we are extremely proud to announce that the anthology from our 2019 Short Fiction Contest, The Holes in Everything and Other Stories, is now available on our website! We will be making the hardcover (and Kindle) version available on Amazon and in book stores later this year. Get your copy today!

You're obviously going to scroll right past this to see the names of the winning entrants (and we don't blame you), but nevertheless, we would like to take a moment to thank each and every writer for their submissions. There were many great stories and we were truly humbled at the overwhelming response to the contest and the prompt. As all contests go, only a select handful was able to be chosen as winners and runners-up. We thank you from the bottom of our little hearts for your patience and understanding as we crawled to the finish line on this one. Without further ado, the winners of this year's contest are listed below.

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