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Our family’s journey into the area began with the purchase of a weekend ranch in 2001. The search for land took us from Fredericksburg to Brackettville and several places in between and we ultimately chose a place in Carmine for the rolling hills, long distance views and close proximity to our homes in the Houston area. It was apparent there was something special in the air as we spent our first weekends “relaxing” (or more accurately working in the Texas heat) at the ranch, and our curiosity and appreciation for Carmine and the surrounding towns started to develop. Local relationships were formed , and through some great neighbor recommendations, it wasn’t long before our biggest motivation through a hard day’s work on the ranch was knowing it would end with “The Great Steak” and our favorite piece of pie at Royer’s Café! 

Our passion for the Round Top area has continued to grow over the past 20 years and it has been exciting to watch Round Top transform from a hidden gem to a must-visit Texas destination. Over the last few years we searched for an opportunity to take a more active presence in Round Top and in 2019 that dream became a reality with the purchase of The Lone Star Farm. The proximity to downtown Round Top, historic 19 th century cabins and majestic trees made the property an easy choice, but the real work began with keeping the history and integrity of the cabins, while updating them to the 21 st century standards our guests would expect. With the assistance of Round Top Home Builders, we completely transformed two cabins. Renovating bathrooms, resealing floors and adding modern amenities while keeping the historic designs intact. Development now continues with addition and completion of a Barnwood Builders cabin due Spring 2020 and a complete renovation of our signature 3-bedroom farmhouse scheduled for completion in early 2021. 

As we start this new journey our current goal is to offer a luxurious, relaxing and authentic Texas stay to our guests. We hope to attract antique hunters, family or friends looking for a weekend getaway or even small group retreats. We cannot wait to see what the future holds and with a diverse variety of professional backgrounds in the owner group including event planning, international logistics and retail, as well as a commitment to partner with local Texas brands we expect big things in the years ahead!

We hope to see you at the Farm or around town soon!

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  • Friday - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday - 'Closed'
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