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About this brand Our lifelong love for cannabis brought us here. Led by William “Kind Bill” Fenger, our team has been freezing trees since 2013, chasing the most exotic aromas and flavors we can find to extract and share with the world.We apply our experience to all aspects of cultivation, harvest, and extraction to showcase this incredible plant.

Live Resin is both a product and a process; live resin is a cannabis concentrate which is produced by extracting fresh frozen cannabis plants, harvested at their absolute peak essential oil content. The final product can take many familiar concentrate forms—such as shatter, budder, sauce, crystalline—but what this means for the consumer is that unlike traditional extracts that are made from dead, dry plant material, live resin expresses the aromatic and flavor qualities of the living cannabis plant. I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled a living cannabis plant versus a bag of dried weed, but to say that it’s “different” would be an understatement.

Around 90% of the essential oil content of a living cannabis plant is wasted when it is dried because it literally goes into the air. With live resin, we capture all of that to give a truly incredible, nuanced flavor experience to the consumer. In addition, capturing these aromatic compounds also contributes to the effect; we are increasingly discovering that terpenes and other aromatic compounds are the source of the different “strain specific” effects of cannabis along with differing cannabinoids. So it follows that a more aromatic, flavorful, terpene-rich concentrate would also exhibit more “strain specific” and nuanced effects.

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