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On April 20, 2019, the high holiday for cannabis lovers, Littlejohn New York came to life with a line of scent-concealing stash bags ideal for functional preservation of the product and stylish enough to carry every day. Marc Littlejohn’s vision and expertise as a creative has redefined the appeal of the stash bag and reimagined a typical pouch into a mature, elegant and upscale accessory. As the archetype of the “typical” cannabis consumer evolves, so should the tools used by lovers of the plant. Littlejohn New York believes you don’t have to compromise style for function or vice versa. 

Brooklyn designer Marc Littlejohn spent over 20 years in the design industry, designing a wide range of products such as personal accessories, home decor, tech accessories, messenger bags and pouches  for international brands and companies like Barnes & Noble, AVON Products and Godinger Silver. His experience as a corporate designer in product development gave him global experience designing, producing and exporting goods. This technical appeal combined with his love of the plant made the transition to designing elegant, functional pieces that perform a unique function, a natural one. 

The accessory brand’s connection to the cannabis plant is more than just style and function. Marc Littlejohn is an equity advocate, supporting initiatives like the expungement of cannabis related records for the formerly incarcerated through organizations like Freedom Unshackled and Last Prisoner Project. Littlejohn New York is committed to making an impact in communities ravaged by the war on drugs through advocacy, reform and decarceration.

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