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Lila Organic Topicals & Therapeutics

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A high concentration of THC from a full plant, broad spectrum concentrate to bring maximum therapeutic benefits.

4 suppositories per pack.

60 mg of THC per suppository (240 mg per pack).

Wholesale Only.

Promotional material included.

10 packs per case.

Shipping not included.

The Weed Tampon!

These all organic suppositories are little power houses of cannabis healing. Designed for either vaginal or rectal insertion.

Great for the following maladies:

Menstrual discomfort/pain

Lower back pain

Digestive issues

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Colorectal diseases/disorders

As an alternative method of ingestion when oral ingestion is not an option.

Prostate Issues


Each capsule contains 60 mgs of broad spectrum THC concentrate and organic cacao butter.

Store in a cool place. If the suppository feels soft inside of the disposable packaging then refrigerate briefly or run under cold water.

All packages come with an instructional/informational insert.

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