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People use cannabis for a wide range of purposes. Some use the plant to get rid of pain, others for pleasure. What makes cannabis so interesting is how it connects people who may not otherwise interact with each other. When lifestyle cannabis first started producing cannabis, things weren’t all easy. However, the plants weren’t the challenge, keeping a happy team together was. Often when this happens to a company it can turn a happy workplace into a toxic one. Fortunately for Lifestyle Cannabis, they were able to adjust their attitudes and learn to accept each others differences. Today, Lifestyle promotes the acceptance of everyone’s unique cannabis lifestyle through their branding. Each icon on their packaging represents one of the staff members and what they like to do while using cannabis. 

One of our favorite things about Lifestyle Cannabis is that because of their diverse backgrounds, the strains also appeal to a wide range of activities to use them for. From get up and go, energizing sativas like ATF to zen-like state indicas with their Face Off OG. When it comes to finding the right strains to try, having an idea of what you’d like to do after using cannabis is a great way to narrow the many choices. Indica vs sativa is a very broad spectrum from trippy to sleepy. Lifestyle thoughtfully grows strains that have a distinct purpose, rather than just being high in THC or an appealing strain name. Jack Herer, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Face Off OG, Frankenstein, Black Cherry Soda, and Quantum Kush are some of the Pacific Northwest classic strains they cultivate. Each strain is unique in its own way. Full of delicious terpenes profiles and long lasting effects. We’re excited to be carrying their products at each of our locations. What’s your cannabis lifestyle?

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