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Our Mission:

We are dedicated to help individuals live a healthy life by using simple natural products aimed to improve well being!

Our Story:

“Life with Canna” (a U&ME 360 LLC brand) began with the goal to introduce and educate people about the natural inherent benefits of the cannabis plant species and provide them with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Our Guiding Principle:

Health & Wellness Focused , Quality and Eco Friendly Products

People & their quality of life is our top priority!

We carefully select our products pairing science with nature to provide you with premium products to support a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to quality begins at the product selection process. We only source from manufacturing facilities in the USA that are mindful about the ingredients they use. Our verified sources use organic plant base natural ingredients which have not been tested on animals and are eco friendly. Our local manufacturers follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and test all of their products in certified laboratories.

The Company

“Life with Canna” was founded in 2018 by Merav Krasner and Esther Farkash passionate healthcare industry veterans who made it a life mission to help others achieve their wellness goals.

Meet our team:

Merav Krasner - Co-founder

A passionate healthcare marketing expert with 20+ years of product development and commercial experience in the global healthcare space. Merav lead the successful global introduction of many products that positively impacted the life of many people over the course of her career.

Merav earned her BSc in life Science from Tel Aviv University. Having worked for small and large global businesses including several years with Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare and other global healthcare companies specializing in Diagnostics, Medical Device, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Merav successfully leverages her passion to science and nature with customer-centricity to educate and help individual improve their well being.

"I'm fascinated by the natural inherent benefits of the cannabis plant species and CBD and constantly seek knowledge about CBD to share with our customers and help them make educated choices that are best for them."

Esther Farkash - Co-founder

Esther earned her B.Pharm at The School of Pharmacy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her professional experience includes working in clinical and industrial areas - Hospital, Pharmaceutical production facilities and Licensing of drugs in global companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and others.

At the School of Pharmacy, one of her teaching pharmacology Professor was Prof. Rafael Meshulam whose major scientific interest was the chemistry and pharmacology of the cannabis plant.  Prof. Meshulam and his research group were the first in the world to succeed in the total synthesis of the major cannabis plant ingredients (cannabinoids), and the isolation of the first described cannabinoids in the human body.

As the number of scientific and clinical research findings about cannabis continue to grow, it is becoming evident that Cannabis usage is no longer just associated with the HIGH feeling and people are discovering this plant's full potential as a natural way to improve HEALTH and WELLNESS.

Esther recently completed a new course for pharmacists on the subject of Cannabis plant species and their medical usage. The course curriculum was developed by Prof. Rafael Meshulam in collaboration with a team of scientists from the Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabinoid Research, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The School of Pharmacy and IMCA – Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency (at The Ministry of Health).

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