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How our Friend with Parkinson’s Disease Inspired Life Oil.

We regularly followed the promising studies that documented the health benefits of CBD oil as an alternative to taking prescription opioids. We then provided CBD oil samples to a family friend who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We witnessed the health improvements of this retired Boston police officer as his shakes reduced and his level nine pain went down to a level two. We were deeply moved by these impressive results and was motivated to share these amazing results with as many people possible.

 One of Life Oil's first customers was a young woman who started having seizures not long after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Neurologists were unable to offer her a solution. She tried Life Oil and her seizures significantly reduced from two to three times per day, to a few episodes every couple of months. Another customer, with a lifelong anxiety disorder which caused him to develop ulcers, tried Life Oil and continues to use Life Oil. Today, not only is he feeling more in control of his mental health; he’s sleeping better, and his fitness routine and recovery have improved!

 Life Oil is a rapidly absorbed, hemp-based, liposomal CBD oil. Liposomes are often used in the medical field as a vehicle for the administration of nutrients or other organic matter, especially those that absorb slowly into the body. By embedding the hemp oil molecules into microscopic liposomes, Life Oil ensures an increased absorption rate, leading to faster pain relief than other CBD oil products. This also means that Life Oil provides a much more accurate dosage.

Life Oil has a full COA (Certificate of Analysis), available upon request. It’s gluten-free, soy-free and THC-free. Life Oil is an all-natural hemp product so you can rest assured that Life Oil contains no allergens or contaminants. Because hemp is a legal product, Life Oil can be sold, distributed and shipped to all 50 states.

 We have a simple intention to help loved ones find a holistic alternative to prescribed opioids. He has transformed traditional CBD oil into Life Oil.

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