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It is our purpose to protect the communal and inclusive characteristics of the cannabis plant by putting people at the center of the cannabis experience. We use science, technology, and education to provide safe and accessible cannabis products to a wide variety of individuals.

Based on the principle that cannabis brings people together, Leiffa Brands strives to put our customers at the forefront of the brand. Everyone should have access to quality hash, flower, and edibles. No matter the preferred way of consumption, Leiffa Brands will ensure that only the highest quality of products are put on the shelf. Our premium concentrates are 100% solventless, meaning they are made via the water based extraction process, without the use of solvents such as propane, butane, and carbon dioxide. We take great pride in knowing that all our products begin with quality starting-material, cultivated in-house.

Our expertise goes beyond our extraction process and extends to the budtenders in our dispensary. Customers, no matter their experience with cannabis, can trust that our budtenders listen and can make personalized recommendations for our patients.

Leiffa uses science, technology, and education to provide safe and accessible cannabis products to a wide variety of individuals. As a trusted leader we believe that it is our duty to offer transparency whenever possible. We strive to provide the community with scientific knowledge of our products and push the bounds of what the cannabis industry knows.

Giving back to the local community which we serve is an absolute must. We host numerous donation events around the Denver and Lakewood area, to give back to a diverse range of nonprofits and help them with the items and goods they’re in need of.


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