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L’Eagle Services offers cannabis connoisseurs top-quality organically cultivated products, unparalleled personal service, extensive knowledge and diligent industry compliance. Established in 2010, L’Eagle sets the standard for customer service and the highest caliber products at our Denver dispensary.

L’Eagle cultivates all of the cannabis we sell, and we have been a leader in organic best practices since opening our doors nearly a decade ago. Degreed horticulturalists and farmers, who have made careers specializing in certified organic and sustainable agriculture utilize natural pest and disease-prevention techniques, instead of toxic chemicals, produce L’Eagle’s high-quality cannabis products. This means all of our products are 100 percent synthetic pesticide-free, long-cured and tested in-house to ensure consistency and potency.

L’Eagle’s rigorous in-house testing protocols exceed the state’s testing requirements. And our focus on quality and purity extends well beyond our cannabis flower, to our our edibles, infusions and concentrates, such as our legendary full-melt, water-based hashish.

“When you do extractions, you are concentrating pesticides and residual nutrients too. The extractions that are coming out of grows using heavy pesticides are not safe and no one has determined the side effects,” explains John Andrle, L’Eagle Co-Owner.

L’Eagle’s commitment to clean cannabis extends across all infused products. “We make our edibles with our own product, because we want that clean, pesticide-free quality we work so hard for to carry through to all of our products,” adds Amy Andrle, L’Eagle Co-Owner. “Why not have the same expectation of cannabis that you would for food? GMOs and pesticides are avoided at all cost by many consumers and we believe in applying the same filter to cannabis products.”

Award-Winning Dispensary and Cultivation
L’Eagle Services takes pride in growing the highest quality, cleanest cannabis in Denver and providing exemplary customer service in our retail dispensary. Our expert staff is educated on all strains we cultivate along with their therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties.

-2019 5280: Top of the Town
-2019 Best Dispensary 5280 Magazine
-Westword 2019 Best Deals!
-Industry Excellence: Innovation in Cultivation, National Cannabis Industry Association, 2018
-Best Dispensary Cultivation, Denver Westword,2018
-Best Overall Dispensary in Colorado, Leafly,2018
-Most Sustainable Cannabis Producer, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, 2018
-Best Dispensary in Colorado, The Cannabist, 2017
-Cannabis Business Executive’s List ofMost Important Women in Cannabis, 2017
-Best Budtender, Denver Westword, 2016•Best Sour Diesel, Denver Westword, 2015
-Best Indica Flower, The Hemp Connoisseur, 2014
-Best Marijuana Strains: Texas Hash Plant, Denver Westword, 2013
-Best Concentrates of 2013: Mob Boss Hash, Denver Westword, 2013

Pioneering Environmental Stewardship 2016-Present
In 2016, L’Eagle was awarded the first Certified Green Business designation for a cannabis company by the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment. To achieve this distinction, a business must meet criteria in five categories: Business Management, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Resource Management and Transportation, and is subject to annual renewal. Our environmentally friendly business operations complement the practices we employ every day in our organically cultivated cannabis.

Clean Green Certified 2016-2021
L’Eagle is the only recreational / 21+ indoor grow facility in Denver to receive Clean Green Certification . This third-party certification relies on U.S. Department of Agriculture organic standards and applies them to cannabis cultivation using sustainable, natural and organically based practices. The Clean Green Certification from 2017-2021, established in 2004 in California, emphasizes compliance, inspection of seed-to-harvest practices and testing for harmful pesticides and contaminants.

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