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Organic cannabis and related products. Only the finest organic products. Specializing in treatment of cancer epilepsy in both children and adults. Non phycoactive treatments available.

From the soil of Lassen County comes Nutritionally Balanced Organic Cannabis Lassen Cannabis Co. brings arete medical and recreational marijuana products in premium concentrates, flowers, capsules, and tinctures. Medical marijuana is a natural alternative, Lassen Cannabis Co. keeps it that way. Respecting the flowers natural medical benefits through sustainable cultivation practices.The difference in Lassen Cannabis Co. flowers is the attention to their soil's balance. For Lassen Cannabis Co. ensuring California patients receive the highest caliber cannabis products is most important. History The founders of Lassen Cannabis Co. have been part of the cannabis industry for over a decade. They initially grew marijuana to help one patient managing spinal issues and other that was combating seizures. What started as a grow to help out two friends became a larger cultivation. Growing marijuana in California is a struggle, and navigating the changing legislation was a challenge. Lassen Cannabis Co. didn’t allow any of that to stop them, taking every measure necessary to operate within compliance. Lassen Cannabis Co. is proud to be able to continue to supply California with premium medical marijuana. Process Lassen Cannabis Co. stocks their menu with a mixture of the latest trending genetics and in-house cross strains. Their premium cannabis flowers go through CO2 extraction to yield Lassen Cannabis Co. concentrates. They stand out in their cultivation practices by devoting close attention to the health of the soil, ensuring their soil is nutritionally balanced for the best flowers. They are proud to offer Californians Clean Green Certified, organic marijuana products. Products Every option on Lassen Cannabis Co. offers high-quality relief, and their menu caters to the variety of needs California marijuana patients have. Whether looking for high-end concentrates and flowers or seeking relief through CBD capsules and tinctures, Lassen Cannabis Co. provides top quality marijuana for each. Patients are fond of their Kryptonite, and Tahoe OG flowers and concentrates. Lab Testing Lassen Cannabis Co. is dedicated to safety and purity in all of their cannabis products. They are proud of offer California patient's SC Lab tested medical and recreational THC and CBD products. Lassen Cannabis Co. is also Clean Green Certified guaranteeing their marijuana is grown with sustainable and natural practices.

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