Knockout Sticks

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Knockout Sticks new liquid Live resin limited edition are also available in minis! 2.5g rolled into 5 minis for a quick and convenient smoke on the go!

Liquid Live Resin is extracted after premium, fresh flower is flash-frozen immediately at peak harvest time. Extraction is performed using hydrocarbons to preserve all-natural terpenes that are usually lost if dried and cured flower is used. Liquid live resin has complex terpene profiles that are true to the plant and is a high-quality connoisseur-level product.


We are proud to introduce our new Knockout Sticks: 1.5g of our proprietary blends, we infuse premium indoor, sativa, indica, or hybrid blends of flower, respective strain-specific liquid live resin, and cake badder for a Knockout Stick for all times of the day.

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