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This brand 3C Consulting, LLC stands as the leading global cannabis consulting firm, providing strategic business solutions to both seasoned industry leaders and newcomers alike. 3C has served over 500 clients and counting, operating in 34 U.S states, two territories, and 17 countries worldwide. Regulations and opportunities change almost daily, and 3C is on the cutting edge of best practices globally. As international markets focus primarily on medicinal cannabis and the U.S. and Canada work to expand their adult-use programs, operators will need to strategize on how to address each specific market. 3C ConsultingTM has acted as the eyes, ears, and voice of our clients to ensure they remain at the pinnacle of cannabis operations. From obtaining Good Practice certifications to coveted international cannabis business licenses, 3C helps build companies based on practicality and altruism striving to balance benevolent, patient-focused business practices with profitability. We strive to challenge and shape industry norms for the benefit of the consumer and our clients and we achieve all of this by being ten steps ahead of our client's competitors and their regulators. Show more


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