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My CBD journey began in 2016 when my 12 year old son randomly had a Grand Mal seizure at the breakfast table. No history of epilepsy and no obvious reason for the seizure. He was diagnosed with JME or Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. We began the roller-coaster of pharmaceuticals starting with keppra. They warned me that it may make my son "irritable" and boy wasn't that the understatement of the year. Between the frustration of having constant small seizures and the impact of the keppra on his attitude towards life I had inevitably lost my son as I knew him... He was angry and confrontational on a level I had never seen. He was sleeping 12 hours a day and withdrawing from all activities as well as life in general and worst of all he was STILL HAVING SEIZURES! I had been making and using edibles for a couple years for my own medical nightmare when a close friend of mine gave me a bottle of CBD oil. I knew enough about it that I was EXTREMELY appreciative of the wonderful gift, yet hesitant enough to set it aside and do some research about the effects on my son before giving him the oil. Would it get him high? What dose do I start with and can he take it with his other meds? Can I get in trouble for giving it to him? All common concerns I've learned yet not commonly answered appropriately or accurately. I began talking to his neurologist and was left with nothing but more questions. He wouldn't recommend against it yet he wouldn't recommend it or suggest dosing. He was so afraid to say much of anything he just wrote down what I said and let me talk. At least he didn't criticize my concerns and admitted it has been know to help children with epilepsy however he could not legally make any recommendations. I kept reading and investigating but I was hesitant to start the process. After almost a year of watching my son continue having Grand Mal seizures and his meds being raised to levels of a full size grown man the docs decided it was time to add another med. First warning they gave me? He may gain up to 100lbs. I held off on adding the additional depakote. Within days he hit the floor again and I couldn't watch it anymore. As I'm watching him turn blue and blood is coming out of his nose and mouth it clicked... CBD! I ran to the kitchen cabinet where the bottle I was given was and ran back to my son who was still seizing on the floor. I took a dropper of the CBD oil and pulled his cheek to the side to place a small amount in his mouth. I rubbed his cheek to keep it from running down his throat. Within 15 seconds the seizure stopped. A rush of relief overcame my body and a weight began to lift. There was FINALLY something I could do to help my son! I started by simply adding the full spectrum CBD to his seizure medication. He stopped having seizures from that day forward. After 6 months the keppra was still affecting his mood and apathy towards life and that's when I decided it was time to make the transition. I spent the next year slowly adding CBD and weaning him off the keppra as I continuously increased the CBD. He is now pharmeceutical free and living a carefree like a normal 15 year old. He's engaged in life and his emotional health is better than it has ever been! Over the past 3 years I have seen countless people walk in skeptical and come back a believer. What do you hae to lose? A few bucks and some misery? Educate before you medicate folks!

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