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13 Glass began with a guy and a dream: To give smoke shops across the country a single source for supplying all their smoking accessory needs.

We realized that dream in 2004, and we’ve been following it ever since. We’re a smoking accessory wholesaler with an expansive and ever-growing inventory of hand pipes, water pipes, onies, hookahs, cleaning and storage accessories, and so much more.

Our catalog includes a wide range of quality, affordable glass pieces – from inexpensive pieces you can price to sell, to large pieces guaranteed to make an impression. If your customers request it, we probably have it – and we’re ready to help you find the perfect smoking accessories to add to your shop’s inventory.

In particular, we’re passionate about American art glass. A unique glass piece is a great conversation starter, and we’re proud to showcase the work of artisans from the Midwest and beyond. Customers will fall in love with pipes that let them express themselves, and stocking your shelves with handcrafted glass pieces gives you an opportunity to surprise, delight and show off.


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