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Someone near and dear to our hearts was diagnosed with Autism a few years back and since then we have been on a quest to find ways to bring him out of his fog and help him find joy in this confusing, somewhat scary world we live in. We heard about CBD helping kids with epileptic seizures and the possibility of it helping alleviate the symptoms of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. So, we decided to start researching and testing different CBD products to see the effects and decide for ourselves if it works.

In our research, we came to realize the huge variety of applications CBD has beyond helping with seizures and ASD. From insomnia to anxiety, severe pain to depression, CBD has been shown to alleviate a number of conditions and ailments that plague our world. We live in a toxic world, let’s face it. The importance of going organic, drinking pure water, etc., is very evident.

With CBD, it’s no different. Our products are Organic, Raw, Full Spectrum, CO2 Extracted and 100% Effective so you can be sure it’s only the highest quality product you’re putting in your body. We put quality and effectiveness as the priority so you don’t have to worry. The difference is clear when you try our CBD products.
Do your research. With such a wide selection of CBD products out there, it’s good to think about what’s important to you.

CO2 extraction means our CBD doesn’t sit in a vat of alcohol during the extraction process and it isn’t heated up, which burns off the major healing elements of the plant. It’s a patent pending extraction process that allows our CBD to have the highest percentage of raw product (CBDa) remaining after extraction. Your body knows what to do with raw plants. This means the remaining organic product maintains a majority of the essential vitamins, nutrients and compounds necessary for true healing properties.

Full spectrum means as many of the cannabis cannabinoids are present in our CBD oils as possible. Each cannabinoid has its own set of known healing elements. We steer clear of isolate products, which, we believe, have little healing properties.

Offering the highest quality CBD available doesn’t mean high prices either. We are committed to providing the purest, high quality CBD at the most affordable prices. You’ll find that our CBD Oils taste great, as well. We use pure, organic, raw stevia and organic flavoring to make our products enjoyable to take. The best of all worlds!

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