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Everybody eats. 100 Packs is on a noble mission: to collect and offer over 100 cannabis strains in their library. Crafting concentrates and growing the most classic kinds of strains, 100 Packs goes back to cannabis’ roots to share their love for the plant with connoisseurs and novices alike across California. 100 Packs is driven by their love of marijuana and with everything from the classics to new, exotic strains, they want to share their discoveries. After all, they fervently believe that “Everybody Eats.” History: 100 Packs stems from nearly a decade of cultivation experience. The founders of 100 Packs started growing cannabis out of their garage, with a particular eye for developing strains they loved so they’d never be lost to history. As they expanded their collection, their love for marijuana’s power to heal and bring people together grew, and they wanted to make the treasure trove they’d created available to everyone. After finding a grow space large enough, 100 Packs was formed in early 2016 with a mission to collect and produce as many different marijuana strains as possible, preserving the classics and traveling the globe to find the most unusual cuts. Today, 100 Packs has grown with the California cannabis industry, and they plan on expanding their wholly unique selection of cannabis flower and concentrates to dispensaries across the state. Products: 100 Packs acts as historians of marijuana history, cultivating strains that most other growers don’t breed anymore, including Blue Dream, Master Kush, and even an Afghani Landrace. They travel all over the world for their seeds and use their honed skills to breed the best versions of these strains. Then, 100 Packs selects their favorites to craft closed-loop, BHO extracted concentrates, fully dewaxed and available in a trim run, nug run, live resin and a variety of other tiers and strains. Connoisseurs love their 100 OG, a cross of Skywalker and SFV, in both flower and concentrate form, and 100 Packs will gladly share their genetics with any curious cannabis lover who asks. Lab Testing: 100 Packs cares about the quality of their products, and as a commitment to their customers'' safety and cannabis’ quality, they send each batch to SC Labs for thorough testing. Their flower often caps out at over 20% THC, and 100 Packs also checks for terpene profiles, residual solvents, pesticides and more. Networks: Covering the Southern California map, 100 Packs proudly works with dozens of dispensaries from Los Angeles to San Diego and looks forward to expanding their marijuana goods northward. Their products feature in CHR, Best of SB, and Melrose Place Collective, and they’ve collaborated in the past with Barewoods, OG Raskal and more to offer exciting, unique strain collaborations. 

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